How many free spins can I get from online casinos today?

Regardless of how we titled this article, there are not many casinos out there that are going to give you 15 free spins just like that. In fact, some of them may give you even more! Take Wink Slots for example:

  • 30 no deposit free spins on registration

The more spins that you can have for free, the better. And Wink Slots has definitely conjured up surprisingly many.

Get 30 no deposit spins now 18+ | T&C’s Apply | Be Gamble Aware

What you should know about no deposit free spins

When we talk about free spins, we mostly emphasise the good things about them. To us, this only makes sense since, after the smoke clears, these spins are entirely free and could indeed win you money bags’ worth of cash. However, there are certain things that you should be aware of before getting your hopes up about no deposit free spins. Below you’ll find a list.

  • No deposit spins tend to have low value. When you get to decide your bet level, do you tend to favour stakes like 1 to 5 pounds per spin? If so, you might not be thrilled about the fact that your free spins are usually worth 10 to 20 pence instead.
  • You only get a small number of spins at a time. Even with Wink Slots, the 30 free spins cannot all be used at once. They come to you in daily doses of 10, which might not feel all that fulfilling unless you are really lucky.
  • Your maximum win could be capped. Casinos might be all about gambling, but that does not mean that they necessarily want to take too many risks themselves. As a result, most casinos put a cap on your free spins wins in order to make sure that you don’t just arrive, raise hell, and leave with your pockets full of cash.

Play with a no deposit bonus today

Again, even though 15 no deposit slot bonuses and other similar offerings might not be all glamour and glitz, they still give you what it says on the tin: a free chance to win. What you make of this chance depends solely on your relationship with Lady Luck, which actually kind of goes with the name of the game as it is!

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