All You Need to Know About Progressives

  By – Last updated 12 Apr 2018

Fancy winning a huge pile of pounds? Dream of living in your own mansion with your own outside pool in the garden? Progressives might just be your thing!

What are progressives

The word progressives comes from the fact that these games are all about progression. Namely, it is the jackpot that you can win that keeps getting bigger and bigger each time that people bet money on these machines. With each bet, a tiny portion will go towards making the jackpot even more life-changing for the person who finally manages to hit it!

So yes, progressives are most often slot machines that have a growing jackpot on offer. With these games, you can try your luck and win something huge instead of your run-of-the-mill jackpots. While your typical online casino slot might give you something like 10,000 times your bet’s worth, these mammoth-like titles can gift you with even tens of millions of pounds!

We should note, however, that not all progressives are slots. In fact, we have even come across kenos and video pokers with growing jackpots!

Why play progressives

Do we really even need to answer this? Why would someone want to buy a scratch card or take part in the national lottery? People obviously want to win big!

While some of us would be extremely satisfied with those aforementioned 10,000 pounds (with a £1 bet), there are people among us who have a lot of money and would rather go for even greater winnings. For a businessman who makes 200k a year, winning only 10,000 pounds’ worth might even feel like small change, whereas getting your hands on 5 million pounds would make even their life more interesting and exciting!

Some people make the mistake of assuming that progressives are all about the jackpot, but this is not entirely true. Most great jackpot games will have a lot of different kinds of wins that you can go after. Furthermore, in addition to all the so-called basic wins, there can even be as many as three different jackpots there to be won! Hugely popular progressives such as Mega Fortune will let you go for perhaps a £2,000 pound win, a £20,000 pound win and a £2,000,000 win at the same time!

Where to find progressives

Progressives are generally not that hard to find. Nowadays just about 4 out of every 5 new online casinos will feature at least a few of these machines. Still, there are a few internet casinos out there that are just starting out or are simply not big enough to host these games yet. With huge jackpots to be won, not every casino can afford these games just like that.

We recommend that you go through our casino list and our casino reviews with your eyes wide open. This way, you are sure to find a lot of wonderful places to chase after those sweet millions!

All You Need to Know About Progressive Games


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