Always check the wagering requirements

Hello again, dear Slotsia Casinopedia readers! It seems like we have yet again managed to capture your attention with the title of our article. Or, perhaps you just wanted to click because of the über-cool pictures that we put next to each and every one of our articles. Be that as it may, you are now going to be thoroughly entertained and supplied with information that is not too easy to come by.

The topic for this time’s casino lesson is about wagering requirements. If you do not know what wagering requirements are yet, you might want to read one of our past articles instead. Here we are just going talk about the quality of casino bonuses available in today’s casino scene—not how they work.

A Lot of Variety

The first thing that you should know is that there truly are a lot of different kinds of wagering requirements out there. Some bonuses will make you wager your money until the cows come home, whereas others are a lot more lenient.

The higher the wagering requirements are, the more you will have to try your luck with your bonus and the harder it is to convert your bonus money into real-life cash. So, in essence, the lower the wagering requirements that you can find, the better!

Pay Attention to What You Have to Wager

In addition to going for low wagering requirements, you have to look at what exactly it is that you have to wager as well. Some new casinos might dazzle you with small numbers, but there could be a catch involved. Sometimes you will have to wager only your bonus money, while other times the deposit will be subject to wagering as well. Thus, the following wagering requirements are actually the same:

  • You are getting a bonus of 100% up to £100. You have to wager your bonus 50 times.
  • You are getting a bonus of 100% up to £100. You have to wager both your bonus and your deposit 25 times.

Although the latter bonus has a lot smaller wagering -requirement multiplier (25<50), you are going to have to wager two sums instead of one. This means that you should really pay close attention to the accompanied text as well instead of just quickly looking at the numbers available.

What is a Decent Wagering Requirement?

We at Slotsia always aim to present you with the best welcome offers that we have found online. While this should help you in not having any trouble finding the best deals, there might be some casinos out there that will have a better bonus than others.

We would advise you to first use all the bonuses available that will make you wager your deposit and bonus only 20 times (or 40 for just the bonus) or less. After this, feel free to try bonuses with a wagering requirement of up to 30 times your deposit and bonus (or 60 for just the bonus). Requirements that go above this might still be nice, but you would be wise to use all of the best ones first. This way you can maximise your chances of winning some nice money while you’re at it.

We wish you the best of luck with your wagering!

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