Cops and Robbers Slots Game

Cops and Robbers is an adventure online slot game from Microgaming. The slot has 1 payline and 3 reels. The maximum amount of cash you can wager per spin while playing Cops and Robbers is £10 while the minimum is £0.10. Cops and Robbers is a favourite video slot among online casino players since it has an RTP percentage of 95.02.

Why Should I Play the Cops and Robbers Video Slot?

There has never been a shortage of crime-based online video slots for players interested in such genres of slots. Cops and Robbers is an entertaining and feature-filled video slot addition to an existing list of worthy crime-based online video slots. Cops and Robbers is not only a cute-looking game, but it also adds humour to characters and subjects that aren’t funny.

Cops and Robbers has 1 paylines that are distributed across three reels. The video slot’s narrative is based on crime, and its gameplay details the efforts of the cops to bring the criminals to justice. All the symbols available in Cops and Robbers are related to the video slot’s title, and they include:

  • A police car
  • A judge
  • A chopper
  • A female officer

While you are playing Cops and Robbers, you should watch out for the “Bulldog”. The Bulldog is the video slots wild symbol that triggers various bonuses during gameplay. The bonus features available in Cops and Robbers include:

  • A safe
  • A police car
  • Blue light
  • The game’s logo

Where Can I Play Cops and Robbers?

Cops and Robbers is one of the popular video slots that has a low house edge; thus making it popular among slot enthusiasts and players. The video slot also offers bonus features that make the gameplay entertaining while also allowing you to have a degree of control over the game during gameplay.

Finding online casinos offering Cops and Robbers should be straightforward since several online casinos have the video slot among their game collections. Wizardslots is one of the many online casinos that offer Cops and Robbers. You can find more online casinos with this game offering by navigating to our casino review pages. Once there, feel free to visit the online casinos we have reviewed and check their game portfolio for the Cops and Robbers slot.

A Look at the Bonus Features Available in Cops and Robbers

The Safe Cracker

The Safe Cracker is a brief bonus feature that will be available to you after the triggering 3, 4, or 5 safe symbols. The symbols can be triggered on any section of the reel, and all you need to do is to select one of the symbols to reveal your price.

Light Free Spins

The blue light symbols available in Cops and Robbers are the key to receiving free spins. If you receive three, four, or five blue symbols, you qualify for a minimum of 15 free spins and a maximum of 100 free spins. Your wins will be multiplied by five when you are playing using free spins feature, and you can continue re-triggering the free spins until you reach the 210 spins threshold.

Wild Hot Pursuit

All Cop and Robber enthusiasts consider the Wild Hot Pursuit the best bonus feature. The Wild Hot Pursuit is a unique and small board game that is activated once you land three or more Cop and Robbers logos in any given area on the video slots reels.

If you unlock the Wild Hot Pursuit feature, you will have the chance of playing on a board that has several squares filled with multipliers. If you want to move on the board game, you will have to roll a dice. Each move you make on the board earns you a multiplier that significantly increases your potential winning.

Nonetheless, you should be on the lookout since there is a cop chasing you as you move across the squares on the board game. If the cop overtakes you, it is a guarantee that you will appear in an identification parade. If you are lucky enough to get away at the identification parade, you will have the chance of heading back to the board game for more moves and prizes.

What Makes Cop and Robbers Stand Out from Other Video Slot Games?

Cartoons and Animations with an adult twist

Let us assume that you live in a hypothetical world you cannot read. Despite not being able to understand Cops and Robbers title banner, you certainly would understand what is going as the game unfolds. As you immerse yourself in Cops and Robbers’ gameplay, you will realise the presence of robbers and cops all over the place. These cartoon-looking characters are everywhere, no matter where you decide to look, and they provide players with fun gaming experience.

Quality and Unrivalled Animations

A breakdown of the design of Cops and Robbers reveals:

  • Robbers breaking out of store windows
  • Robbers in sewer entrances
  • Robbers under the reel adjacent to a big bag of money
  • Robbers checking if their coast is clear

Robbers are not the only characters that are found all over the game as cops can be seen everywhere too. You can find cops performing or taking positions in a stakeout either at the bank or at the apartment. The incorporation of rich animations into Cops and Robbers makes the game presentation fun, as the online video slot game does not take itself very seriously.

The reels in Cops and Robbers do not just look great, but they also receive regular polish.  The cherries and lemons present in Cops and Robbers are easy on the eyes since their soft shine allow them to pop off the slot’s display; thus making the game look amazing.

Keeps You Guessing

As a video slots game, Cops and Robbers draws inspiration from the classic style casinos, but you should know that the game has a unique twist. Cops and Robbers is a video slot that has three reels and a single payline at heart. The payline available in this video slot goes directly across the screen.

What would you do in a scenario where you already have two symbols and need a single symbol to complete the slot’s payline? The answer is using the “hold” button to hold the moving or spinning reels in place; if you do this, the symbol you want becomes immovable. When that happens, you will be in a position to spin a single reel to get the single remaining symbol. While this is a different way of playing, slot players both welcome, like, and appreciate it.

A Chance to Play Chaser’s Trail

Playing Cops and Robbers gives you the chance to play Chaser’s Trail, a game that is both interesting and fun. Chaser’s Trail is a bonus game that you unlock as you are playing Cops and Robbers, and it has a 200X multiplier on your initial stake.

If you want to multiply your stake or bet by 200, first you will have to outrun the cops who are chasing you; to do this, you have to make higher spins than the cops. If you want to enjoy Cops and Robbers, the first thing you should do is embracing the game’s cartoon-esque nature. The bonus game available while playing Cops and Robbers is the reason the video slot is popular among slot enthusiasts.

Cops and Robbers plus the Action

Cops and Robbers is one of the few games that continuously stand the test of time for kids, and it is time to see if it will stand the test of time for demanding casino players with high expectations. The game’s incorporation of charm and character is one of the reasons we expect it to become an instant go-to-slot among players around the world. Cops and Robbers is one of the iconic games from Microgaming that you will not want to miss as it is stacked full of fun, and allows both skilled and specialist gameplay.

Customised to Suit

A look at the customisation to perfection of the Cops and Robbers interface lets you understand why the game is popular amongst slot enthusiasts. Cops and Robbers boast of beautiful and functional design that allows you to, for instance, tweak the game or change it up without leaving the main screen.

Cops and Robbers has a control panel that is visible at the bottom of the screen. The game’s control panel matches its colour scheme and its overall theme. While playing Cops and Robbers, you will find the controls in the following order;

  • Total Balance
  • Cancel
  • Hold
  • (+ &-) signs for increasing or reducing the stake, wager, or bet amount.
  • Spin

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