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Hello again, Slotsia Casinopedia readers! Today we have a real treat for you. We are going to be talking about AI, which of course stand for artificial intelligence. Could AI change the online casino world? How could it change the business and which games would be on the list of those affected?

AI winning poker

Modern technology

First, let’s start by going over some facts. The fact number one is that modern technology can be pretty impressive nowadays. There are a lot of things that people can do now that they only dreamt about 50 years ago. Things like flying cars, for instance, have already become a reality, although they are nowhere near being your everyday thing. Also, even things like teleporting molecules from one place to another have been done, but we are still far from being able to teleport ourselves from London to New York, or even Liverpool for that matter.

Even though a lot of things still seem to be far away, one could say that plenty of seeds have definitely been planted over the years. Some of the biggest real changes have been the rise of the Internet, the dawning of social media and the incredible popularity of mobile devices. The things certainly aren’t like they used to be.

AI at casinos

You may have heard that some of the best chess players in the world can actually win a chess match against super computers. However, we are not far from a time when people will succeed in buildin a computer that can predict dozens of moves ahead and thus becomes unbeatable. This same kind of technology could then be implemented at casinos in games where skill is a factor. This, however, is where slots players, table game fans and even sports betting aficionados can breathe a sigh of relief, as these games are either all about pure luck or things that simply cannot be calculated.

There is simply no computer that can tell whether Man City or Manchester United is going to win, although a lot of footie fans might be able to make an educated guess depending on how the season’s been progressing.

Poker fans beware

If you’re a fan of poker and even make a living out of playing this classic card game, you should be at least a little bit worried about AI coming into play. Once scientists succeed in creating a robot that can predict players’ next moves and always counts the optimal odds in milliseconds, things will probably become a bit rough for all the poker pros out there.

The thing about machines is that they have no emotions. They are cold and calculated and can consequently beat any human if they’ve been programmed well enough to do so. To make errors might indeed be human, but it is by no means machine-like—or at least it might not be in the future.

poker artificial intelligence

The experts say there is only a matter of time before AI will beat the poker pros and dominate the poker scene

Can you stop the machines from invading casinos?

If and when robots and AI will one day become intelligent enough to take over online casinos, casinos will no doubt have better safety and security systems in place as well. Still, the sad thing about life is that cheaters always find a way to exploit any system.

Our guess is that games like online poker will indeed become non-existent in 5 to 10 years. Well, not necessarily non-existent, but they will become more and more about luck than what they are now. However, we should note that not everyone will be able to get this kind of technology at the same time. First there will only be but few that are able to use AI to their advantage, which will still probably end up destroying the popularity of online poker.

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casino ai artificial intelligence