Different kinds of free spins

Welcome to yet another Slotsia article! Here we aim to bring you all the information that you need pertaining to online casinos. This time, we will be talking about all kinds of different free spins. You may have heard about things like ‘no deposit free spins‘, ‘honest spins‘ and ‘super spins‘, but do you really know what they are?

In this article, we are going to shed some light on all the weird terms that you come across while looking for new online casinos. In addition to this, we will also be talking about some of the advantages and disadvantages related to different types of free spins.

No deposit free spins

As you probably know by now, plenty of online casinos out there are willing to give you quite a few free spins after you deposit some of your hard-earned money first. Actually, these free spins are theoretically not free at at all since you do have to let throw away a few pounds before getting your hands on them. When you look at it this way, you are actually kind of paying for something and just getting some extra to go along with it. Even so, your typical free spins are more part of the deal than truly complimentary. Of course, this is only semantics as these free spins do feel kind of free when you’re using them. You just don’t get them for free, that’s all.

No deposit free spins, on the other hand, are pretty much completely free. Again, we are only saying ‘pretty much’ because you do have to do the online casino a favour and sign up with them before getting your hands on these no deposit free spins. Still, these spins are a lot more free than your ordinary free spins are because here you actually have a chance to win without depositing any money of your own.

The problem with no deposit spins is that they are sometimes subject to insane wagering requirements, which makes it extremely difficult for you to convert your winnings into real money. You shouldn’t worry about this too much, however, as you are not risking any of your own pounds anyway. At the very least, you can try a few games for free while using your no deposit spins.

Honest spins

Unlike the other types of spins that we are covering here, ‘honest spins’ is not really a term that’s widely used. Instead, these spins are more commonly referred to as wager-free free spins, which means that you are not facing any wagering requirements when you using them. Everything that you manage to win here is actually yours to keep—no shenanigans involved. It really is that simple.

Some very rare casinos might actually give you wager-free free spins with no deposits required, but this is extremely rare. If, however, you manage to find one of these kinds of casinos, you should really jump at the chance and sign up!

Super spins

One of the worst things about your run-of-the-mill free spins is that they only have very little value. If you’re used to playing with high stakes, you might be disappointed when you start your free spins experience and find out that your spins are only worth 10 to 20 pence per spin. Even if you manage to win big here, getting rid of that nagging feeling of ‘why did I have to win now when playing with such small stakes’ can be difficult. The fact of the matter, however, is that you probably wouldn’t have win otherwise anyway. You cannot exhaust your luck—it’s all about probabilities.

Super spins truly are super in that they are usually worth £1 instead of your typical shtick. So, if you’re going to win here, you do not have to feel bad about playing with lower-than-usual stakes. The sad thing about super spins, however, is that they are pretty hard to come by. To make things worse, winning more than you normally would with your free spins can lead into higher-than-average wagering requirements. It really depends on how you look at it.

Good luck in finding free spins that suit your personal gaming style the best!

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