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Don’t be fooled by big wins Casinopedia

Greeting to each and every one last person reading our Casinopedia articles! This time we are going to give you a lesson on being blinded by winning. This is an issue that both amateurs and experts alike can sometimes suffer from. Even us, the casino ninjas from Slotsia, are blinded by big wins from time to time. Of course, this happens to us only once in a blue moon since we have just about mastered our very craft. Still, no one is immune to these things—not even the mightiest of the mighty!

Now then, let’s start with the very basics!

Odds of Winning

The odds of winning vary from game to game, but one thing is for certain—the players are never the odds-on favourites to win when they start playing. This, however, does not mean that you cannot walk away with pockets full of pounds every now and then. Winning might be somewhat improbable, but thanks to all the competition between game providers out there, winning is never out of your grasp entirely.

The one thing that you should remember here is that no game can let you win all the time. Granted, you might sometimes go on a huge winning streak, but going on a losing streak is just as probable—even more so, as a matter of fact. So, when you’re winning, always remain humble and grateful and do not hold it against the games if your luck runs out. Slot machines are not designed to keep your streak going on forever, so it’s ultimately you who should know when to pump the brakes.

High Variety vs. Low Variety

We have already written an article on so-called volatility, but let us revisit those things here. What you should know is that there are basically two types of games available: those that will often pay you small wins and those that will seldom pay you big wins. The higher the variety here, the more you will see long streaks with no wins. In a nutshell, choosing between low and high variety is choosing between many small wins or few big wins.

The Most Probable Way of Getting Blinded by Winning

Okay, we have to admit that the subtitles here are getting ridiculous. Do not let that distract you from the matter at hand, though!

Again, us players often get blinded by winning. When we’re being lucky, we start to assume that games are going to keep treating us like kings and queens. It’s like these games owe us the privilege of getting our hands on something huge.

You most often get blinded by the following two situations:

  1. You are trying a game for the first time and you end up winning loads and loads of money. This is when you start to think that this game is “one of the good ones” and that you should play it more often. More often than not, however, this was just beginner’s luck and this game—just like every other game— is designed to win more than it loses.
  2. This is actually the same situation as before, but in this example case you are playing a high variety game. This means that your feeling of being lucky is intensified by the fact that winning from these games is rare and therefore means you’re winning a lot. When this happens on your very first try, you are going to remember that for a long time. It might even take a few very unlucky sessions to make you change your mind about these kind of games. After this, though, you might really sour on these games and never play them again. It’s as if they betrayed your trust and broke your heart like no other love you had before.

Always keep a level head and be grateful when you win! Never take things for granted and you’ll be fine!

casino big win