Evolution of Free Spins

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This time, we are going to be talking about the so-called evolution of free spins. Things have taken a lot twists and turns in the past 20 years or so, so we feel that it’s our job to shed some light onto this very interesting matter.

The Beginning of Free Spins

As some of you might remember, the online casino industry actually started in the middle of the 90’s when a casino called InterCasino pioneered online casino gaming. Before this, you actually had to physically go somewhere to play. You could not just sit on your arse and enjoy your favourite games from the comfort of your own house like you can now. There was a lot of effort associated with having to find yourself a casino and going there. If you were living in the rural areas, for example, you might have had to travel quite a bit to make it.

During this time, many gambling fans probably considered online casinos to be a godsent. No longer did you have to make an effort—you could just use your computer to start playing online. The technology may not have been all that special back then, but you could still play some games, deposit and withdraw. Many of the features of today were there—just not as polished as they are now.

Online casinos in that day and age were not giving you anything extra. People were glad enough being allowed to play—they did not need free spins to make themselves more eager.

Time Goes On

Of course, online casinos turned out to be quite a hit even back then, for reasons stated above. People were enjoying online casinos very much, which meant that they were obviously spending a lot of their hard-earned money as well. This, in turn, lead to more and more online casinos and entrepreneurs taking notice.

Owning an online casino is one fine way of making money as you basically have the odds on your side all the time. Picture yourself playing slots machines if you had the house’s odds of winning. This is what it’s all about for the hundreds of gaming companies out there today.

As time flew by, competition in the industry intensified, subsequently leading into more and more companies flooding the business. After this, it did not take long for some casinos to figure out new and elaborate ways to differentiate from the pack. Some companies would start giving free spins to people who chose them among the dozens of other casinos. This is how free spins and deposit bonuses alike were born. Above all else, they have always been incentives to make people sign up.

The Situation Now

We are fast approaching the end of the second decade of the second millennium. Competition in the casino industry has been reaching new heights in the past few years. We are now seeing a lot of casinos giving you wager-free free spins, no deposit free spins and even so-called super spins that are more valuable than your average free spins. It really is a great time to be a casino player.

We do want to remind you, however, that some casinos out there are still trying to go for ultimate profit. Instead of them giving you more and more and more, they have actually opted to make their wagering requirements so high that your welcome bonuses might actually make it less probable for you to win than when refusing your free spins and deposit bonuses.

It is a crazy world out there, so keep your eyes peeled and always read the fine print!

evolution of free spins