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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Combo Slots Casinopedia

Hello, peeps, and welcome to yet another Slotsia Casinopedia article! This time we are going to be focusing on one specific type of slot machines.

Every single one of us is probably familiar with games that have 3, 5 or more spinning reels. In these games, you generally want to see great combinations on your active paylines, whether we are talking about typical paylines or even 243-pays type of slots. These games can be considered somewhat of a default category in the business, and as such, they barely need any introduction. However, not all slots are cut from the same cloth.

Combo Slots in General

We do not know if there really is a word to describe these slots that we are going to talk about next. This type greatly differs from your run-of-the-mill slots. These games include modern hits such as Golden Ticket, Gemix, Reactoonz, Emoji Planet and even Moon Princess.

The idea in all of these combo games is to get a lot of the same kind of symbols in one place, hoping for a great combination. In these games, you do not really have any paylines whatsoever—you only strive to have symbol blocks forming winning clusters by falling down next to one another. The bigger the combination, the more you can expect to win from any of these said games.

To make things even more interesting, most of these combo games host wonderful bonus features where you will be rewarded for scoring multiple combinations at the same time, or for having even more blocks fall from the sky to create even more clusters.

These combo games bring to mind several popular video games such as Tetris, Bejeweled, Hexic and Columns.

The Good

The good thing about these so-called combo games is the moment when everything is going according to your plans. That is, when you are seeing those clusters forming left and right! When this happens, you’ll be feeling like the ultimate combo master even though these games are all about luck. It is just like things are literally falling into place! We can guarantee you that the perfectionist inside of you will be super happy when you get your hands on those huge wins and the combos just keep coming.

The Bad

On the flip side of the the coin, these games can really get to you. When you are not seeing any of those sweet combinations, you will feel as if the games are really messing with you. It is as if nothing is going your way no matter how many symbols fall into your screen. This is when you start to question why these games have to be so extremely boring. For those of us who are fond of some of the video games listed above, you can really start to think that these games are just the worst. It is not that difficult to rack up some combos on Tetris, so why would it be so tough with these games?!

The Ugly

We really were not prepared to come up with the ugly part here because we think that the bad things can get quite ugly themselves. However, there is still one thing here that we are yet to cover and that is small winnings. With some of these combo games, you might see a win almost every round to make you feel better, but, if you do, you can be sure that these wins are worth perhaps one tenth of what you are betting! This means that at one point you might feel like you are winning something, but then you will glance at your total win and it is only under half of what you just put in. Bummer!

Try Combo Games Yourself!

All in all, you never know if you might luck out on some of the coolest combo games that there are. Feel free to give them a shot!

combo slots casino