How to cheat online slots?


What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

A Random Number Generator is to online slots as wheels and cogs are to the old casino machines. The Random Number Generator generates a sequence of numbers that is not actually random (albeit the name saying it is) but determined by an initial value called the seed. The number is generated by combining the seed with a couple of basic arithmetic operations, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, that results in a new number. And then, this process is repeated.

Is Hacking Into The RNGs Possible?

To start with, there’s good news and bad news. Good news first: It’s possible to cheat an RNG. The bad news is, it’s incredibly tough and irksome to do so, and albeit the end results are worth it, it’s not something most common hackers can do. But how is it done, you ask? Well, since these random numbers are not entirely random as it sounds, but formed out of some basic operations, this can be mimicked.

These hackers study the patterns and are then able to come up with an accurate prediction as to what the next number will be. Thus, they go on to win the game. On the other hand, there are a couple of video slots around that no one can beat, or cheat. That shows how video slots don’t use the same RNG mechanism as online slots and hence beating them, or cheating them, is impossible.

Why and How Do We Hear News About These Cheaters?

To begin with, these cheaters have only been able to do their dirty work on online slots machines, and even that, in as sneaky a way as possible. You may have heard of Ronald Dale Harris. Ron is a computer programmer whose job was to find bugs on slot machines. Quite convenient isn’t it? What he did at the end is only guessable. He came up with an entire program that could guess which numbers would come up through RNGs.

So far computer programmer-1 slot users-0. This eventually led him to prison, obviously, and he was banned from entering any casino across Las Vegas. This is only restricted to Vegas, though. It’s pretty obvious he’s laying low and looting big casinos elsewhere, where the people are yet to hear about these hackers. If you’ve never tried your hand at the game and reading all this scares you even more, we at Slotsia have all the security in place, so check our casinos out.

A Few More People who have looted the Casinos

Alex from Russia

Alex from Russia was a mathematician and programmer who was running a business and one day, had enough. Lucky him that he was specialized in reverse engineering algorithms. This meant he could predict the result of the RNG and land his hand on the jackpot. Of course, he shared this information with his agency and is now earning around $250,000 a week. When asked, Alex says that hacking isn’t violating any Russian law. Well, we all saw that coming, didn’t we?

How much are users being affected?

In 2008, Norman Clem, while playing craps, got an impression that he was losing a bit too much, conducted research and found out that he was losing about 73% of the times and that that was way too off from the standard deviation predicted to be at 51%. Not even close. Another man, Michael Shackleford conducted another test that had a shocking revelation. He found out that the BLR software was fixing their games to increase their own house edge.

What to do as a user? Stop playing?

There’s good news here folks! Where there is evil, there is always cybersecurity. Most online casinos have tested that their RNG cannot be rigged. When you see that an online casino has been approved by Technical Systems Testing (TST) or Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), you’ll know you are in a secure place. Then, you know you can just lay back and expect to have your share of 51% because you’re in safe hands.