How to lower your wagering requirements

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Casinopedia has been on somewhat of a break for a few weeks. We know, we know: we already had one break before this, but we are going to be back full force now! We are well-aware that everyone loves to hear tips and hints to enhance their gaming, which is why we will make sure that you will be getting your fix now and in the coming weeks as well!

This time we shift our focus to how you can bring down your wagering requirements a little bit. Some of you in the know might find this stuff useless, but others will find it extremely useful. It all depends on your skill level!

What exactly are wagering requirements

Let us start by talking about what wagering requirements actually are.

When a casino gives you deposit bonuses or free spins, there will almost always be wagering requirement associated with them. With your deposit bonuses, you will have to wager your money a few times; perhaps 30x or so for your deposit and your bonus. With your free spins, on the other hand, you will have to wager your free spins wins. In other words, if you win, say, 10 pounds, you might have to wager that amount 30 times = £300 worth.

Here is how you lower your requirements

The fact of the matter is that you cannot really cheat your way out of your wagering requirements. These are very important rules that you will have to follow in order to turn your bonus into something that you can actually withdraw into your account. However, there is one thing that you can do that can help you win more easily.

Let us cut to the chase already! A lot of online casinos will give you free spins on top of your deposit bonus. It is only natural, then, that the person playing will first head to their free spins to see what will come of them. This is a crucial mistake! By doing this, you could actually trigger two wagering requirements at once, which could in turn lead you into having to wager more than what you were facing with your deposit bonus already!

We at Slotsia have sometimes made this mistake because we were too eager to spend our free spins right away. After this, we may have been able to deal with our deposit bonus wagering, but will have been left with the free spins wagering next!

We always recommend that once you get rid of your wagering requirements, you immediately withdraw your money. At this point you will usually have played for a long time already, so you should just get your cash and live to fight another day. With additional requirements, however, the worst case scenario could see you losing back all of your winnings.

Bite your tongue

With online casino entertainment, it is vital to bite your tongue and to keep your cool at all times. Instead of rushing to use those free spins straight away, save them for later. This way, you may have a second chance even if you end up losing your bonus money. This could then even turn out to be a blessing in disguise because completing your free spins wagering is usually a lot easier than completing your wagering from a big deposit!

Casinpedia how to lower your wagering requirements