How to make your free spins count

Greetings to all of you Slotsia Casinopedia fans! We are delighted to have you come back to us and read all of our ramblings about this lovely business. We really want to help you with your gaming, and what better way than to educate you about some of the very fundamentals?

This time we’ll be talking about free spins, which have really become a staple in this industry. Just about every second casino is giving you free spins when you sign up or when you deposit, but not a lot of people know how to turn their free spins into free money. Here’s how we go about it!

First things first

What you should really keep in mind is how your free spins wagering requirements work. The number of your free spins does not really matter here as you only have to rollover your free spins wins. This means that the more you win, the more you will have to wager. So, do not be sad when you see that your 100 free spins are only worth £0.10 a piece. Instead, be happy that you actually have a chance to win something when you start your wagering.

If you win, say, 5 pounds with your free spins, it means that you will have a wagering of about 150 to 200 pounds ahead of you, depending on what your wagering requirement at the casino is.

Then how exactly do you go about this wagering? That is what we are going to be telling you next.

Here’s what you do

Let’s rewind a little bit. You have just won £5.00 with your free spins and you now have a wagering of £200.00 ahead of you. What many of you would do here is choose a low bet in order to make your fiver last as long as it possible can. That is a mistake. Instead, you should pick the maximum bet that you have available. If this is 5 pounds, it means that you have a one good chance to turn your free spins wins into something big, something huge. If you happen to win with this next spin, you could actually end up having a lot of money on your account, which would in turn help you greatly with your wagering requirements.

You should always use a high bet when you manage to win with your free spins. If you don’t, you only have a snowball’s chance of completing your wagering.

Let’s say that you play with a £0.10 stake and win 50x your bet. This would mean that you only get 5 pounds and still have another £199.90 pounds of wagering to go with your £9.90. You would have to keep winning for a very long time in order to demolish your wagering with such a small bet. But, if you listened to us, you would actually have a £245.00 balance and £195.00 of wagering to be done, basically meaning that you are already winning at least £50 and have many more fivers left to win you some more!

When having to deal with wagering requirements, it’s always smart to use a high bet. You might end up losing a little bit faster if luck is not on your side, but, if you’re lucky, you could walk away with huge wins indeed.

make your free spins count