Where Can I Play MyVegas Slots?

You can access and play MyVegas from Android and iOS running devices. Playing MyVegas slots and table games requires a constant internet connection. You also need to remember that a limited internet connection can ruin your gaming experience. The MyVegas mobile game is a supplement for the desktop version that players can play if they have Facebook accounts.

You need to sign in to both your Facebook, desktop and mobile versions of MyVegas. Being signed in into your MyVegas account across the different platforms allows for the synchronizing of your loyalty points. With your loyalty points synced, you can have the guarantee of being credited for the time you spend on the game.

The fact that MyVegas is a slots and tables game app means that you don’t need fancy or cutting edge hardware. However, a device with great specs will provide you with a superior gaming experience since there will be zero hiccups and stuttering.

Since the MyVegas mobile version complements the Facebook version, you will have to do more than play the mobile game. Playing MyVegas on both the mobile and Facebook platforms is the first step to earning loyalty points that are redeemable in Las Vegas.

A Look at the Gameplay at MyVegas

After signing up at MyVegas, you will receive 500,000 chips for free. Using these chips, you can start your slots or tables gaming journey by placing small stakes. After making several small wagers, you can raise your stakes so that you can win more chips. While at this, remember that the game’s real objective is earning loyalty points.

At MyVegas, the loyalty points are the yellow coins players receive based on the number of chips they are playing. For instance, a player who stakes 60 chips a spin will earn fewer loyalty points when compared to a player staking 600 chips per spin. With more loyalty points, securing high-value real Las Vegas rewards become easy to accomplish feats. Some of the real Las Vegas rewards that players can trade for their loyalty points include free buffet lunches and room rates that are discounted.

MyVegas’ mobile version has a simple design that allows you to spend time in two areas;

  • Playing slot games
  • Picking and finishing missions at MyStrip

Missions at MyVegas can involve betting a designated maximum amount, a certain number of times. Sometimes, the MyStrip missions involve consecutively getting a set amount of 3x matches. After completing each task, players receive 1000 chips and 50 loyalty points.

MyVegas players can have two game options available to them;

  • MyVegas Slots
  • MyVegas Blackjack

All MyVegas slots offer players different slot machines to choose from. These slots have themes identical like ones in real-world casinos such as the iconic New York New York. Besides, there are digital renditions of real slot machines; the China Mystery being a great example.

If you ever run out of chips while playing MyVegas Slots or MyVegas Blackjack, you will have to use your real funds to buy more chips. Visiting MyVegas’ Facebook page to receive 5000 chips daily can ensure you never run out of chips despite having zero funds. Avoiding the share button while playing MyVegas games on Facebook mitigates the unintentional spamming of your Facebook friends.

Tips and Tricks for Earning More MyVegas Loyalty Points

As a MyVegas player, you will be receiving bonuses for each consecutive day you log in to your account and play. At the back of your mind, you should know that more loyalty points are earned by playing more games and wagering using high stakes.

MyVegas player’s get their missions from a game board that is similar to that of Candy Crush Saga. Completing these missions is the easiest way to earn MyVegas loyalty points.

Another important tip you should not miss if you want to earn more loyalty points from MyVegas is playing from Facebook. Playing MyVegas games from an Android device earns the least amount of loyalty points. The explanation behind the differences in the number of loyalty points a player receives across the supported platforms is different rules on how to handle giveaways on each app store.

Android device users who want to receive more loyalty points from using MyVegas should download the app from the Amazon App Store instead of the Google Play Market. The giveaway policies at the Amazon App Store allow for the issuance of more loyalty points.

How to Redeem MyVegas Rewards

A considerable percentage of the MyVegas rewards are for MGM Resort casinos such as the;

  • New York New York,
  • MGM Grand,
  • Luxor,
  • Excalibur
  • Bellagio

After you receive the MyVegas loyalty points, you should start scouting the MGM establishments where you would wish to redeem your points. The reason for this is that you can’t redeem the MyVegas in any other casino around the world.

Swapping your earned loyalty points for rewards can be done directly from the store. MyVegas has an exciting collection of prizes. These rewards include:

  • Hotel fares
  • Free appetizers and refreshments
  • Free show or concert tickets.

The redeeming of MyVegas’ loyalty points for real-life rewards is a straightforward process. After arriving in Las Vegas, you will need to locate an MGM casino, a feat that shouldn’t be a challenge, especially that you are in the world’s gambling capital. Once you have found an MGM casino, find the M-life Player’s Club and sign up for the M-life loyalty program. Do not forget to provide the staff at the M-life Player’s Club with your emailed confirmation.

Everything You Need to Know About the M-Life Card

The M-life card lets you earn numerous kinds of goodies such as the free slot credit making it super handy. Players who earn the free slot credit tend to spend more time playing the MyVegas slot and table games.

It is costly to buy Starbucks coffee at a Las Vegas hotel. Nonetheless, it is worth knowing that the overpriced coffee will earn you more points on your M-life account. That being said, the fact that redeeming each reward necessitates the visiting of the M-life desk is not only annoying but also a deal breaker as it eats into a player’s finances.

How Many MyVegas Rewards Can I Redeem at A Time?

After signing up for MyVegas, every player/ individual gets a limit of 3 rewards within 30 days. The number of rewards you can have access to changes as you start spending on the game. You should know that redeeming hotel rewards has been limited to once every 30 days.

All MyVegas rewards are restocked daily, but this does not guarantee you will receive the reward of your choice. It is common not to instantly receive the reward you want since some are immediately claimed they are restocked.

Our Final Take on MyVegas

After a comprehensive assessment of MyVegas, we can confidently affirm that you have nothing to lose. MyVegas gives you the chance to play for free then allows you can cash in your real rewards in Las Vegas. Besides, making progress while playing MyVegas also doesn’t take a long time. Some players cash in their real rewards in two or three weeks.

MyVegas allows you to use your loyalty points on some of the best entertainment spots in Vegas. You can also use MyVegas points for dining in deserving but outrageously expensive eateries in Vegas and around the world. If you have ever wished to receive something that is free while in Las Vegas, MyVegas has you covered with several exciting deals.

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