How to withdraw money at a casino

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The thing that you are going to read about this time is one of the more instrumental parts of your gaming experience. The goal of any great casino session should of course be withdrawing some money into your account once everything is said and done. What happens after this, though, might come as a surprise to some of the noobies out there. Don’t be afraid—this is also where Slotsia come to your rescue!

Go to the banking section and withdraw

We will start with the most elementary stuff. The premise here is similar to one of our other recent posts: You have just won yourself a few hundred extra pounds and have decided to make the smart decision and to withdraw your money to your bank account or e-wallet. Congrats!

What you need to do first is close your game and then go to the casino’s home page. Here you will probably find a link to your account or banking options. The next thing that you should do is just find somewhere where it says WITHDRAW.

By the way, isn’t it funny how the word ‘withdraw’ can be used to mean both getting your money out of an online casino and just bailing out of fights or war? That’s one unsettling thought there for all of us game lovers!

Send your documents

This is the part that not a lot of people might see coming.

In order to keep things on the straight and narrow, online casinos sometimes have to ask you for some specific details and documents before they can verify your identity and send you your money. The procedure here might differ from casino to casino or even from license to license. You only have to do this once per every casino—and sometimes not even once!

What online casinos usually need from you are some photos related to your deposit method, your ID and of one of your bills.

Photo of deposit methods

If you deposited with, say, your card, you might have to send a photo of your card to the casino. They usually advise you to block some of your more sensitive information here, though, so it’s not like you have to let the whole world see your card number or anything like that. If you deposited with Skrill or some e-wallet, you might need to send a picture of your said account details.

Photo of ID

National identity cards, driver’s licenses and passports are typically all fair game here. You might need to send the casino two photos as well—one from each side.

Proof of address

To prove the casino’s security department that you actually live where you said you do, you will have to snap a photo of one of your utility bills as well. Mobile phone bills usually won’t cut it, so you might want to take a photo of your electricity bill or something else that’s a little more substantial.

You’re done!

Once you’ve sent all the necessary documents, online casinos will in turn send you your money—or ask you for something better than what you sent them if you made a mistake somewhere. Just remember that most casinos are good sports about these things and will give you all the necessary details that you need.

Now go enjoy your money!

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