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Introducing Sweet Bonanza – Pragmatic Play’s fresh and delicious slot

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It has been a fun year for Pragmatic Play that is is one of the most popular online casino slot companies in the world today. Every month, this gaming giant comes up with new slot machines, designed to catch your interest with both their visuals and their extremely exciting gambling mechanics. None of these games is cut from the same cloth as they are all tailor-made for the theme and task at hand. These principles also apply to Pragmatic Play’s newest slot machine. Behold—here comes Sweet Bonanza!

As you can probably guess, Sweet Bonanza is a particularly succulent slot, set in some sort of magical candy land. We at Slotsia sure wouldn’t mind paying a visit to this slot’s yummy surroundings!

However, it is not only the visuals that are delicious in Sweet Bonanza. The exact same thing can be said for all the many bonus features as well as the tactical decisions that players get to make in what is one of the most diverse and ambitious Pragmatic Play slots ever.

Basic info

  • Paylines: –
  • Minimum bet: £0.20
  • Maximum bet: £125
  • RTP: 96.48%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Theme: Sweets, fruit

Winning combinations everywhere on your screen

There are plenty of so-called combination games on the market, where your goal is to form big enough clusters with your winning symbols. Sweet Bonanza, however, has decided to do away with clusters and to simplify things a little bit. In this game, your winning symbols do not need to touch each other at all. Instead, it is enough if you are able to just get enough of matching symbols on your screen at the same. In other words, all payouts are dealt out based on scatter rules. It does not matter where your symbols are—you merely have to have enough of them!

Your screen can fit as many as 30 symbols on it at any given time, and there are 9 types of different symbols in the game. Four of these are traditional hard candies, whereas the five others are your basic fruit (apple, peach, watermelon, grapefruit, and banana). Each of these symbols has three different prize levels based on how many you get on your screen at the same time. Getting 8 to 9 will get you the lowest prize, 10 to 11 will get you a bit more, and finally more than 12 will get you all that you can have with the symbol in question. Outside of these numbers, it does not make a difference as to how many you manage to collect. 

Every time that you get enough winning symbols on your screen, they will vanish and be replaced with new symbols falling from the sky. This will continue on until no new winning combinations can be formed. If you are lucky, you could see different kinds of symbol types being taken away one by one while your prize money keeps growing and growing for quite some time!

Free spins mode with major multipliers

Just like most Pragmatic Play slots, Sweet Bonanza really comes alive when you finally manage to reach its thrilling free spins mode. For this to happen, you will need at least four old-fashioned lollipops on your screen.

Here are the two features that you can look forward to during your Sweet Bonanza free spins:

  • Growing multipliers. During your free spins, there is a new candy bomb symbol thrown into the mix. Each of these bombs comes with a tasty multiplier somewhere between 2x to 100x. If you happen to win with your spin, these multipliers will be used to multiply your win. Sometimes you might even be able to score multiple multipliers on your screen, which means that these multipliers will then be added together. Multipliers of 8 and 23, for example, would be used to create a multiplier of 31 for your win.
  • Additional free spins. You always start your free spins with 10 spins. Collect three more lollipops, however, and you will be rewarded with an additional 5 spins.

There is no telling how high your wins could rise on Sweet Bonanza. With some longer rounds, you will see your total win grow more and more with new multipliers being added here and there!

Tactical choices for playing

Sweet Bonanza is not just your average lucky game where you push a button and hope for big wins. Instead, there are two extra features here to provide some added depth.

1. Bonus purchase. If you want, you can skip right past chasing free spins by paying a high enough entrance fee. This will make your free spins mode start straight away just like it would when scoring at least four lollipops. The price of admissions here is 100 times your bet. Thus, a bet of £1 per spin, for example, would require you to pay £100 to access the free spins bonus.

2. Bonus bet. If you are not jumping up and down about the idea of paying a high fixed price for guaranteed free spins, you can just as well only increase your bet by 25% for at least somewhat easier access. With a bet of £1 per spin, this would mean adding 25p for each spin to increase your chances.

Months of fun

Sweet Bonanza is just another prime example of how very innovative Pragmatic Play is when it comes to new slots. Even the bonus purchase option alone makes Sweet Bonanza part of an exceedingly rare breed of online casino slots. As such, we heartily recommend giving this game a fair chance to thrill you!

sweet bonanza pragmatic play