Jackpot games – what are they, and which are the best ones?

Winning a jackpot is the high point of casino gaming, and a plethora of slots ensures that you always have a good selection to choose from. Online jackpot slot machine games often have impressive intrinsic features and offer higher payouts than typical slots.

There are games with immersive and atmospheric themes, others that are exciting and story-driven, and the value of the pots vary from one game to another. A jackpot slot is typically won by landing specific jackpot symbols, or the highest paying symbols of a game on the reels. There are several different kinds of jackpot slots available out there –some have fixed payouts, while others have progressive and increasing pots.`

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Most popular progressive jackpot slots

Here at Slotsia, you can find some magnificent jackpot slots games that we provide for you such as Mega Moolah Jackpot. Other leading jackpot titles include Lucky Leprechaun, 777 Slots Jackpot, Fruit Fiesta, Mega Fortune, and Diamond Wild Jackpots. 

Progressive jackpots are the holy grail of online slots and Mega Moolah is a classic of the genre that holds the world record for a jackpot payout of over US$13 million! The game is incredibly popular, for the simpled reason that the pot regularly inflates to such high amounts. Lucky Leprechaun is another fan favourite that never fails to serve up twists and turns along with its potential for a massive payout. Fruit Fiesta and 777 Slots Jackpot are both traditional slot games which are well known and entertaining to play with high potential for a significant payday. Mega Fortune and Diamond Wild Jackpots are renowned for their engaging gaming qualities and substantial progressive payouts. We bring you the cream of the crop here at Slotsia, so you can enjoy the best jackpot games in the world and have a shot at a million-dollar jackpot.

How to play progressive jackpot slots

Fixed jackpots generally pay out more frequently and randomly with any bet amount, but Progressive jackpot slots work differently. You will need to wager on all the paylines to stand a chance of winning the jackpot. The higher the coin values wagered, the better the chances of winning the highest payout. Wagering low coin values will also stand a chance of winning a jackpot as long as you bet on all the paylines. Of course, the latter situation will earn a lower jackpot payout; nevertheless, it is always going to be a tidy sum! Playing with minimum coin values on a progressive jackpot slot is less favourable, and the probabilities of winning big go hand in hand with how much you are willing to stake.

The average payouts of progressives are lower than fixed jackpot slots, but the excitement levels increase, and the anticipation of winning a high payout is always there. With amazing features and multiple themes, Slotsia’s jackpot slots deliver on every front. If you want to experience an exciting roller coaster casino ride, all you need to do is sign up at a Slotsia top-rated casino such as WinStar and start playing your favourite progressive jackpot slot game right now. The thrills and excitement of playing one of our online jackpot slots are unique and incomparable to any other casino. 

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How do progressive slots work?

The system used with progressive jackpots is that each time a player places a wager the pot inflates. As players continually bet on the game the pot increases to incredibly high amounts, sometimes running into millions. Once the pot is claimed, it is reset to a base amount, and steadily starts to climb once again. The process keeps repeating itself. The longer the pot lies unclaimed, the higher it rises.

Most progressive slot games run across all mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The mobile jackpot experience is every bit as good as on a PC. All the thrills and excitement are there, and the potential winnings can rival lottery payouts. Progressive jackpot games filter a tiny percentage of each bet which goes into the pot. These type of slot games serve up the best chance of winning a life-changing payout. Here at Slotsia, we have taken great care in choosing the very best jackpot slots which are famous for their high payouts and entertainment value. 

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