The Joys of So-Called Bonus Hunting

Hello again, Slotsia Casinopedia fans!

We have imparted a lot of wisdom during our time of writing these Casinopedia articles, but sometimes we just want to let loose and talk about something very different. Online casino gaming has become such a mainstream thing that all kinds of cool things have developed around it. One of these things is called ‘bonus hunting’ and it mostly has to do with casino streaming, but you could just as well try it on your own, too.

What is bonus hunting at a casino?

A lot of us casino players tend to agree that one of the best things about online slots today is the fact that there are all kinds of entertaining bonus games and free spins modes lying around. There is nothing quite like playing your favourite slot machine and finally getting those three scatters on your screen at once. You just know then that you are in for a treat and can start guessing just how many pounds you will be able to rack up. With some of the best games, you could quite easily get your stake back hundredfold, whereas other slots might either do incredibly well for you or not well at all.

The act of bonus hunting is when you decide to play many different games with the purpose of reaching a bonus round for every single one of them. The trick here, however, is to not let your bonus rounds play out straight away but to actually close the game application before the bonus game actually has time to start. This way you will be able to put the bonus on hold and resume where you left off once you get back. By doing this, you could actually queue up just about as many bonuses as you want and finally, when the time is right, go and let them all play out in succession, resulting surefire profits.

Why do it

For many Youtube and Twitch streamers, the purpose of bonus hunting is to create a cool social atmosphere and to provide the people who are watching some good old fashioned entertainment. Unless you are a streamer yourself, though, you might just want to do this to have some fun with your friends or by your lonesome as well. After all, it is a very nice thing to trigger many bonuses one after another.

Why not do it

Even though bonus hunting can give you a nice change of pace to your usual casino shtick, there are some things that you should consider. One of the most important things is to know that not every online casino will let you go casino bonus hunting when playing with a bonus. And they most definitely will not let you queue up bonus games with your bonus money and come back to them once you are not under wagering requirements anymore.

The other thing to pay attention to is the fact that a good bonus hunting session will probably require quite a bit of money and deposits. This is because bonus games are often the best source of income that you can find, but by just leaving the game once you hit a bonus, you are postponing your biggest rewards. Because of this, you might end up in the red with just one or two bonuses waiting there for you to get your balance back up.

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