Here’s the Story

You would be kind of wrong to think that we’ve made some huge friends at a live casino, but it certainly is possible. One of us just so happened to spend a few times at the same live casino table with the same blackjack dealers.

In addition to other players, you can also befriend the dealers. A word of warning, though—you might not want to be one of those numerous people hitting on the female dealers. Trust us—they’ve probably heard just about every cool pick-up line that you can come up with or read online.

So, one of us actually managed to make a lasting impression with one of the male live dealers at a one specific casino. This is not necessarily easy as the dealers usually take turns, which means that you do have to spend a few sessions at the tables before the dealers will actually remember you.

It was a genuine surprise, however, when one of us entered this one specific online casino after a few months’ break, and the dealer actually remembered him and the topics they had discussed a couple of months before. They even talked about one day meeting in the dealer’s home country, although this was probably just meaningless small talk. You certainly shouldn’t take friendly banter too seriously when talking to people online or at live casino tables.

Chatting is Cool

The story here might not actually sound all that special. After all, we live in an internet-infested world where people chat online and on social media all the time. Still, online casinos are not the first place where you’d think you’d find new social contacts. When you really think about it, however, you can really find some likeminded people at live casinos—among both the dealers and especially the other customers. Thus, if you become a frequent visitor at the tables, you could even find some new friends. At the very least, you will definitely find some people to talk on a slow night when spending time at home. When you go to online casinos, you never have to be alone!

Just try not to lose more than you can afford to just because you want to talk to people and hang around!

On a More Serious Note

While not all of us want to socialise at live casinos, you can probably find a lot of other reasons to play there as well. One of them could be the nice change of pace that this kind of gambling can get you. It is definitely less hectic playing blackjack at a live table than it is spinning the slots like crazy. In addition to this, live casino games are also giving you a very high RTP (return-to-player), which should be a nice incentive in and of itself!

friends at the live casino table


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