Low vs high volatile slots – What’s the difference?

There are different metrics that players use to describe how a particular slot machine or game pays out. One of these terms is volatility. This is one of the most abused words used in relation to a lot of slot games reviewed on Slotsia as a lot of people have an idea what it means but cannot accurately define it. Volatility, in its simplest sense, is a word used to describe how frequently a gaming machine pays out and how big those wins are. The rate of the wins as well as how big those wins are is what determines if the machine is classified as a high or low volatile slots machine.

Why a lot of people search for slots with high volatility is because when you win, you usually win really big. You can easily spin 130 times without a single win, but when you hit the right combinations you are more than well rewarded.

Examples of slots with high volatility:

Determining The Volatility Of A Slots Game

Going by slot machine behavior, high volatility slots can be unpredictable in that they can pay big wins after long periods of no wins or huge wins in a short period. Low volatile slots, on the other hand, will usually pay frequently but the wins will be on the smaller side. Piecing all this together, we can see that determining the volatility of a game reviewed on Slotsia can be as simple as looking at the paytable of the said game.

book of raa high volatile slot

Book of Raa is a classic slot from Novomatic with high volatility

If the game has high prices and huge multipliers listed, that game is likely a high volatile game because the casino will not award these big amounts frequently. A low volatile Slots game will be the opposite of the high volatile slot. The best way to determine the volatility of any top online slots game is to play it which is why you are advised to always for free before committing your money to a single slots game.

Volatility Is Not An Exact Science

While a lot of experts will tell you that checking the volatility of a game is a good way to select a slots game to play, it is not an exact science. The volatility of the game is a measure of the amount a player stands to win or lose when they play a game. In essence, it is a measure of risk. It is not a measure of how much money has been won or lost in the past, but an indication of the amount of risk you take on playing a slots game.

Some people will use the term variance to refer to volatility. Both of these terms mean the same thing, which is how often a slot machine pays out, how much it pays when it does and the amount of risk you take by selecting a particular game. At this time, all you can do is play some games, learn their volatility and see if the risk associated with playing on any one slots machine is worth it.

Volatility Is A Big Deal

Every slots player ought to understand volatility as it is one of the things that can determine how much you win or lose. It is also important to not hedge your money on a machine or slots game whose volatility you do not know. Options for playing free slots games exist so that you get to learn the different games that are available. As you are doing so, be sure to keep an eye out on how much you are winning or losing to ensure you do not waste your money on a machine whose wins might not be worth it.

Alot of casino players who occasionally enjoy a no deposit bonus choose to use the bonus money on high volatile slots, so that the winnings if any, will be big. What do you prefer? High winnings occasionally or small wins more regularly?

high vs low volatile slots