Low Wagering Slots – The Ultimate Guide

Online casino players are welcoming to bonuses that are fair and have reasonable bonuses wagering requirements. Historically, most online casinos did not have wagering requirements. The few online casinos that had wagering requirements had relaxed ones, and this exposed them to abuse by unscrupulous casino players.

Nowadays, however, things have changed. Almost all online casinos have wagering requirements in place. The wagering requirements imposed by the numerous online casinos are so stringent that it becomes challenging to extract a decent winning from casino bonuses.

Besides, most online casinos in operation have unclear bonus terms and conditions that surround deposits and withdrawals. There are reported instances where players go without noticing a casino wagering requirements or its deposit and withdrawal conditions. It is during such cases that online casino players can have their winnings unfairly declined.

At Slotsia.com, our in-house team of experienced online casino enthusiasts, players, and reviewers get excited every time they come across a new casino with low wagering requirements. The reason for this is that low wagering requirements mean a more fair and fun experience for online casino players.

Low wagering requirements also prevent online casinos from abusing their bonuses. We will be sharing a list of reputable online casinos that offer low wagering requirements to players, so stay around.

Why Choose A Low Wagering Casino Bonus?

Almost all casino players share the consensus that all online casinos should be low wagering casinos, and if possible, no wagering casinos. Nonetheless, we have to come to terms that wagering requirements are unavoidable to protect a casino’s cash bonuses and incentives such as free spins.

While casinos are free to set their wagering requirements, the rise in the number of online casinos setting astronomical wagering requirements of *50, *60 and above is worrying since the trend is unjustified. High wagering requirements serve the malicious purpose of denying casino players the chance to win from their bonuses.

Worse still, there are online casinos that do not provide clarifications on their wagering requirements. As a result, many players enter promotions, accept bonuses, and free spins thinking that they stand a chance to win a prize. There are several reported scenarios in which players reject all online casino bonuses. These scenarios show that claiming the attractive online casino bonuses can lead to more disappointments, thus rendering the bonuses unworthy.

It comes as no surprise that low wagering casinos are increasingly becoming more popular among online casino players. By offering low wagering requirements, low wagering slots casinos demonstrate that they are reputable and are providing players with a legitimate chance of winning something.

It is easier to fulfil a *20 wagering requirement, especially when you are playing slot games that have the reputation of paying more. Casino players admit that it is feasible to start playing with a bankroll of $100 and wager over $2000 in a single session as long as you have luck on your side. An individual’s gameplay will determine whether the person ends up in profit or not. You should, however, know that with low wagering requirements, it is easy to walk away from winnings from bonuses.

How to Play Slots with Low Wagering Requirements

Are you wondering how you should play slots that have low wagering requirements? If you are, the answer is simple. The way you play slots should not be determined by whether the slots have low or high wagering requirements. Instead, you should play slots with the objective of winning and claiming additional bonuses. Two strategies can prove very effective at increasing your chances of winning while playing slots. These strategies include;

  • The one play strategy
  • Playing games that offer low jackpots

The One Play Strategy

Veteran and seasoned online casino players consider the one play strategy as one of the simplest and most effective slot strategies. The idea behind the one play strategy is that players wage the most amount on a slot machine. If you win, you make a subsequent wager, but if you lose, you move on to another slot. As you can see, the strategy is simple. However, it requires a little bit of luck. The one play strategy not only allows you to sample several games, but it also saves you time from spending long hours playing in the same slot.

Playing Games That Offer Low Jackpots

When playing at low wagering requirement slots, one of your primary objectives will be to meet the casinos wagering requirements. Casino policies state that withdrawing a bonus or its winnings can only happen if a player meets the wagering requirements. Playing slots with low jackpots is one way you can use to increase your chances of winning. The more you win, the more funds you will have for subsequent wagers until you meet your wagering requirements. It is easy to win smaller jackpots than larger jackpots. Besides, it you are more likely to lose in the short-term while playing large jackpots since the chances of winning large jackpots are low.

What Bonuses Have Low-Wagering Requirements?

Bonuses that have low wagering requirements can come in the form of a welcome offer after signing up at an online casino. In other instances, low wagering requirement bonuses are awarded to players during casino promotions. Let us look at some of the online casinos that will offer you with low wagering bonuses.

Café Casino

Café Casino is one of the reputable online casinos in operation. The casino has two welcome offer bonuses for players using its platform. There is the Super Play Welcome Bonus that has a *35 wagering requirement while being worth $5,000. Café Casino also offers the No-Max Welcome Bonus that has a *25 play-through requirement. The availability of two bonuses allows players to choose the bonus they find ideal.


If you sign up at Slots.lv, you will have an opportunity to receive up to $5,000 by taking advantage of all the nine components of the casino’s welcome offer. Slots.lv offer a 200% match bonus and is valued at $1,000, and has a wagering requirement of *35 of the bonus amount plus the deposit amount. You can then access the 100% match bonus, the maximum bonus amount being $500, and is accessible as you make the eight next subsequent deposits.


By signing up at Bovada, you will have access to arguably the lowest online casino wagering requirement available today. Bovada offers new players with a welcome offer that is a 100% match bonus of up to $1,000. The bonus has a wagering requirement of *25 which is inclusive of the deposit amount. Thanks to Bovada’s low wagering requirements, online casino players can earn a sizable amount of cash which they can use if a variety of games.

Games You Can’t Wager On Using Bonus Money

Different online casinos have different terms and conditions surrounding bonus allocation and the games where players can use bonuses. We recommend reading a casino’s terms and conditions carefully so that you can know which games you can use your bonuses. You should have in mind that each casino reserves the right to decide the games which players can use bonus money.

In most scenarios, players can use their bonus money on slots games, with the games contributing 100% towards the wagering requirement. You should, however, know that slots and other casino games that are skill-based are exempt from the use of bonus amounts. You can’t also use your bonus amount on multiplayer games where players play against each other.

How Do I Claim Low-Wagering Bonuses?

Claiming a low wagering bonus should be straightforward. First, you will have to identify the low wagering online casino, and then sign up. You should duly complete the registration process then ensure that you have provided correct and verifiable information. You should know that in line with KYC (know your client) policy, you will not be able to withdraw the winnings from your bonus if your details are verified.

Before you decide to sign up at an online casino, always ensure to take other important factors such as payment methods into consideration. You should also assess additional casino bonuses and offers being advertised as they could bring you more benefits. Promo codes are excellent ways to increase your casino bonuses.

After signing up and claiming your low wagering welcome offer, the next step will be exciting as this is the part you start playing the different games while working towards meeting the play-through requirements. Once you’ve met the wagering requirements, your bonus funds and winnings will be withdrawable. While other casinos offer you the chance to test their games for free, this is not the general practice. However, you should prepare yourself to fund your account if you want to play the games for real rewards.

At Slotsia.com, we are committed to offering you recently and up-to-date information on online casinos, their bonuses & promotions, and accurate reviews. The information we share is meant to help you make informed decisions at online casinos, thereby improving your gaming experience.

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