New casinos offer better bonuses

Do new casino sites offer better bonuses?

Louise Casinopedia

Do new casino sites offer better bonuses? Do bears defecate in the woods?

This article bares (no pun intended) it all.

Let’s go!

Casinos, casinos everywhere!

Online gambling as an industry is booming. More and more people are:

  • Playing
  • Winning
  • Having lots of fun.

And such a huge demand for entertainment dictates that more and more online casinos crop up, much like mushrooms after it rains; the only difference being that in this industry, it’s always raining, and the land is fertile all year around.

And that’s great news for us players since we have ample choice when it comes to picking bonus offers. In fact, online casinos are fighting the fight of their lives to woo and sweep us off our feet.

They do it mainly by giving bigger and better bonuses, which we get into below.

Here are three types of bonuses that will blow you away, guaranteed:

#1- Free spins

A free spins bonus is your chance to try out a slot game without investing a cent of your money. And if you win, you get to keep your winning.
New online casinos are very generous with free spins bonuses, often shelling out hundreds of free spins to new players, because they know that these bonuses are an investment for them.

Yes, you might win and beat the house. But tomorrow they’re banking on you going to take the money you won and revisit the casino that “gave” it to you… so you can spend it there once more.

Very clever tactic, if you ask me.

#2-No deposit bonuses

There are deposit bonuses, where you must place a deposit first, and then receive a bonus on top of that.

And then there are no deposit bonuses, which is when new online casinos sites get crazy and start giving you free money which you can then use to win real money to take home.

Pro tip – If you see some new online casino offering no deposit bonuses, take them quickly as these promotions don’t last very long, for obvious reasons.

#3- High roller bonuses

These can be:

  • 100% bonuses
  • 200% bonuses
  • 300% bonuses
  • or even higher

What it means is that when you deposit $1, the casino doubles, triples, quadruples your bet.

For example – a 300% high roller bonus on a bet of $100 would give you $400 to bet with

Neat right?

In case you haven’t noticed already, I’m really excited about trying out new online casinos, but before I finish and log on to enjoy 20 free spins at Casino 1 Club there’s something else I want to mention too…

Basic safety tips when singing up with new online casinos

Most online casino sites are legitimate and run by dedicated pros.

But, as in every industry under the sun – there are scams too.

So pay attention, here are the signs to look for.

  • Ensure that the casino is regulated and licensed by a respected authority before signing up with them.
  • Check who the owners are. Often, you’ll see they have decades of experience in the field. If there’s isn’t a prominent “about” section, it’s
  • possible that it’s a shady casino.
  • Constantly adding new games. Legitimate casinos want to bring in a variety of games because they know the tastes are different and are trying hard to attract everyone.
  • Legitimate casinos will have a reward system in place. They’re legit and want to be there for a long time. So them rewarding you is their plan for the future. But it’s a clue for you they’re a legitimate operation.

Conclusion – do new casino sites offer better bonuses?

If you’ve read through the article, then you know the answer already, but just in case:

Don’t miss out on new online casinos. You might be missing out a lot of bonuses offers.

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