No deposit bonuses – what’s the truth?

What’s the real truth about no deposit bonus offers – are they the real deal or not?

I mean, we know they’re a real deal for the casinos, that’s why they shell them out left, right and centre. right?

But what about you, the player?

Do you stand a chance of winning and keeping your wins gained with no deposit free spins?

Let’s find out!

Here’s all you need to know about no deposit free spin bonuses.

What are no deposit free spin bonuses?

The name bares it all – they’re bonus gameplay time you get for free from the casinos. A chance for you to try out a game, without investing a dime out of your pocket.

And of course, everything you do win, you get to keep – just like with normal wagering.

Who is eligible for no deposit free spin bonuses (and how to get them)?

The answer is everyone.

Any player can get new free spins added to their account, but it happens most often to new players who’re on a fence about joining an online casino (so require a bit of nudging);

And older players who are returning visitors and whom casinos want to reimburse for their loyalty.

More on that below.

What are the types of no deposit free bonuses?

They are four of them and they’re:

Real money bonus

The name spills the beans. You open a new casino account with the relevant operator, and as soon as you do, you’re greeted with some welcome money, (anywhere from a paltry sum of $5 to a mighty gain of $300), that you can use to place bets and wager to win some real money to take home.

Free Spins

This is a popular and effective promotional tool that online casinos love to use.

Free spins bonuses are when you get free spins to try the game you like (and get hooked in the process). You invest not a penny, but anything you win gets added to your account.

Limited time bonus

This bonus is like the real cash bonus. You do get real cash but you have to use it in a given time frame. Otherwise the bonus is voided and you get nothing.

Cashback bonuses

This bonus type is exclusive to already established players. It’s a way for the casinos to reward their loyal player by giving back some of their loses.

I know this sounds too good to be true, I mean free money, ripe for the taking… by you.

But before you burst with excitement, read the part below,

It’s for your own good that you do…

Can you actually win and keep your winnings with no deposit free bonus?

The answer to that question is – YES. Just like with normal gaming you can win and keep you winnings, but in reality, it rarely happens.


Because, as in real life, in online gaming there’s no free lunch. Yes, you get “free” money, but you usually end up spending it at the casino that gave it to you.

Casinos do this by limiting your free spins bonus with wagering requirements.

These are simply terms and conditions “the fine print” you must fulfil to be able to withdraw your cash.

For example, you get 100 free spins, but must wager 50x. That’s a recipe for a quick loss.

Or you get a free £5 no deposit bonus. Good. But the wagering requirement is 50x, which means you’d need to make £250 worth of bets before you can cash out anything that’s left.

Wagering requirement curb your enthusiasm, fast. But you can beat them if you’re smart.

Here are some basic tips (that’ll get you far):

#1- The lower the wager requirement- the better

It is better to get 10 free spins with no wager requirement that 100 free spins with 10x wager requirement.

Lower is better!

#2- Beware of time limit

Some casinos place a time limit on your free spin bonus. So if you don’t use them in time- you lose them for good.

#3- Winning caps

Some casinos cap the amount you can win with your no deposit free spins bonus. So even if you win a million quid, you’ll only be able to take home the amount you were allowed to win.

So pay attention there, so you don’t get burned by a technicality.

Conclusion-What’s the truth about no deposit free spins offer- are they a real deal?

I’m tempted to say yes.

No deposit free spins give you a good chance of winning. But when you consider the dreaded wagering requirements, the chance of you cashing out your win almost disappears.

But hey, there’s fun to be had nonetheless!

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