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What Is RTP On Slot Machines?

The RTP, an acronym short for Return to Player, is a figure in percent that informs you about the odds of winning while you’re playing an online slot. RTP rate is the percentage of total wins, over the total stakes played. You may already have seen this popular example that is used to illustrate how the RTP works: A slot you are playing at has an RTP of 95%. If

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how do slotmachines work

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Players love slots machines because they are easy to play and casinos love them because they are much more profitable than any other game in their establishment. Their profitability comes from the way they work as well as the sheer volume of players who play on them. What is fascinating is, even if lots of players love video slots, most of them do not understand how they work, and not

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wagering requirements casino

What are wagering requirements?

Playing your favourite online game in an online casino can be fun and exciting plus the idea of winning a huge sum of money adds to the excitement. Bonuses and free spins help players in achieving this. When playing it is easy to forget about the terms and conditions which apply while using free spins and no deposit bonuses. These conditions are referred to as wagering conditions and vary from

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high vs low volatile slots

Low vs high volatile slots – What’s the difference?

There are different metrics that players use to describe how a particular slot machine or game pays out. One of these terms is volatility. This is one of the most abused words used in relation to a lot of slot games reviewed on Slotsia as a lot of people have an idea what it means but cannot accurately define it. Volatility, in its simplest sense, is a word used to

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