Can you beat the odds at slot machines?

Can you beat the odds in slots?

Can you beat the odds in slots? In this guide, we help you understand what the odds in online slots are and what they mean for you as a player. Being informed about slots can influence your strategy in a number of ways and find the game that’s best for you. Odds can seem a daunting subject to get into, but a few key points can teach you how to

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Quickspin promote features and Achievements

What is Quickspin Promote?

I’m so glad you asked. Otherwise, me writing this article would’ve been an exercise in futility. You may have even read our recent mammoth article on Quickpin slots for 2019. But now that you’re here, (let me first wipe the perspiration from my brow – I was genuinely scared you wouldn’t be interested); do know that Quickspin Promote is a suite of promotional tools built with the purpose of: Engaging

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casino bonus hunting

The Joys of So-Called Bonus Hunting

Hello again, Slotsia Casinopedia fans! We have imparted a lot of wisdom during our time of writing these Casinopedia articles, but sometimes we just want to let loose and talk about something very different. Online casino gaming has become such a mainstream thing that all kinds of cool things have developed around it. One of these things is called ‘bonus hunting’ and it mostly has to do with casino streaming,

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forfeitable casino bonuses

Get to know forfeitable bonuses

Greetings, dear Casinopedia readers. As always, Slotsia has again come up with some of the most usable casino information available today. The information that we give you is always as honest and user-friendly as it possibly can be. We want to make sure that nothing that we write falls onto deaf ears, which is why we make sure that our advice is always easy for you to digest, independent of

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Casinpedia how to lower your wagering requirements

How to lower your wagering requirements

Hello, folks! Casinopedia has been on somewhat of a break for a few weeks. We know, we know: we already had one break before this, but we are going to be back full force now! We are well-aware that everyone loves to hear tips and hints to enhance their gaming, which is why we will make sure that you will be getting your fix now and in the coming weeks

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sticky wilds casino slots

The Ultimate Beauty of Sticky Wilds

Hi again, guys! It has been rather long since we last posted a Casinopedia article for you to read. Let us just call it somewhat of a Spring break! It is not always easy to figure out new things to throw at you guys, since the casino players of today are becoming more and more educated as time go by. Some not-so-decent online casinos sometimes try to pull fast ones

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All You Need to Know About Progressive Games

All You Need to Know About Progressives

Fancy winning a huge pile of pounds? Dream of living in your own mansion with your own outside pool in the garden? Progressives might just be your thing! What are progressives The word progressives comes from the fact that these games are all about progression. Namely, it is the jackpot that you can win that keeps getting bigger and bigger each time that people bet money on these machines. With

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double up casino slots

The Double-Up Feature – When to Use it

Hello again, dear Slotsia Casinopedia readers and welcome to yet another article of ours. This time we will be telling you all that you need to know about the so-called double-up feature found in some of the best slot machines of today. Some slots might call this feature “gambling” instead, although we think that online casino slots are all about gambling anyways. Thus, we will choose to rather use the

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casino bonus check wagering requirements

Always check the wagering requirements

Hello again, dear Slotsia Casinopedia readers! It seems like we have yet again managed to capture your attention with the title of our article. Or, perhaps you just wanted to click because of the über-cool pictures that we put next to each and every one of our articles. Be that as it may, you are now going to be thoroughly entertained and supplied with information that is not too easy

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friends at the live casino table

Live casinos can even get you new friends

Hello, guys and gals! This is a new Casinopedia article, but at the same time it’s something totally different from what you’ve gotten used to! You see, we at Slotsia like to change things up every once in a while. We are not the kind to just keep things the same. As most online casino players, we have our very own wild side. We are adventurous folk much like most

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casino slots high low symbols

Common low & high paying symbols

Hello again, our dear readers! The slot machine masters at Slotsia have again put their heads together to come up with new and exciting things and fun facts to tell you guys. The thing they are going to talk about this time is video slot symbols. Every game has them, but what’s the story behind them? What are some of the symbols that you come across all the time while

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how to withdraw money casino

How to withdraw money at a casino

Another day, another Casinopedia article! Our very own casino wizards have been keeping their thinking caps on 24/7 lately. No matter where they go or whether they’re sleeping or awake, they are working hard to squeeze every last drop of casino knowledge that they can muster. The thing that you are going to read about this time is one of the more instrumental parts of your gaming experience. The goal

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