these casinos remover wagering requirements

These casinos removed the wagering requirements

Hi, hey, hello! Welcome to one of our very popular Slotsia Casinopedia articles. People really seem to like these articles, which is probably because our aim here has always been to let our readers learn more about something that they love dearly—this being casino gaming. Every one of us has our hobbies, favourite tv-series and artists that we love to hear more about. Then, when someone lets us know that,

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casino coin value vs bet level

Coin worth and bet level explained

Congratulations! You have navigated the internet successfully to unlock another Casinopedia article at Slotsia! This time we will be looking at one of the very basic things about online casino gaming: the way you set your bet! We felt as though this thing actually deserves its own article, because, once upon a time, we literally found ourselves googling this stuff ourselves. Yes, you read it correctly—even us at almighty and

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win both ways slots

Slots with win both ways feature

Hello again, our dear readers! We are happy to see that you’re taking our articles seriously and want to up your game. The online casino business is not easy to navigate, so there is certainly no wrong in holding hands with people who’ve pretty much gone through it all and seen it all. You should really keep reading to get your daily fix and to learn more! After all, that

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wild symbols

Why wild symbols are important when playing slots

Modern online-casino slots are a lot better than what they used to be. This much is a given. Games of the yesteryear were very archaic and rudimentary. There are many reasons why these games have gotten so much better over the years, but technology must be the greatest one. Old games were made of just few pixels and the sounds were all bleeps and blobs. Nowadays, things are a lot

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Gamification new casino trend

Gamification – the new trend in online casino

The casino industry is constantly evolving as we all know. In the last few years alone, we have seen the advent of both live casino gaming and mobile casino gaming. First of these was made possible due to the leaps and bounds that internet connections themselves have taken recently. Nowadays just about every single one of us has a wireless broadband connection, whereas before we only had our 56kb dial-up

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how to spot fake slots

How To Spot Fake Slots & Make Sure You’re Playing On Real Ones

It is a sad fact that many people today are being conned online. They walk about with counterfeit products not realising that they have been cheated. In this article, Slotsia will examine the possibilities of getting scammed with online casino slots and how to spot a fake slot. However rare it is nowadays to come across an unlicensed gaming website, players must be very vigilant and make sure that the

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top 5 casino jackpots

Top 5 Largest Casino Jackpots Ever

Casino history is full of stories, legends and tall tales, particularly when it comes to the coveted jackpots. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to discern facts from fiction in that veritable sea of information. One thing is certain, though. In this digital era, the biggest, fattest and most lucrative rewards come from the online casinos, especially since the introduction of the modern marvels such as the progressive jackpots.

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casino history rome

Play Like The Romans – Casinos In Ancient Rome

Before gaming spread to casino sites in the UK and all over the world, It was actually a popular activity in Ancient Rome! Casino history shows that it was the one thing that men of all classes came together to participate in, slaves and Emperors alike. The fact is that the impulse to play games of chance started a long time ago and has developed simply from the fact that

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how do slotmachines work

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Players love slots machines because they are easy to play and casinos love them because they are much more profitable than any other game in their establishment. Their profitability comes from the way they work as well as the sheer volume of players who play on them. What is fascinating is, even if lots of players love video slots, most of them do not understand how they work, and not

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