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Before gaming spread to casino sites in the UK and all over the world, It was actually a popular activity in Ancient Rome! Casino history shows that it was the one thing that men of all classes came together to participate in, slaves and Emperors alike. The fact is that the impulse to play games of chance started a long time ago and has developed simply from the fact that this leisure activity brought people together.The truth is, Ancient Romans were enthusiastic bettors and games of all kinds were part of their daily routine.

Gaming: A Popular Activity In Ancient Rome

Gaming was a very popular activity in these ancient times, with the Romans making for a passionate crowd who particularly loved board games. All classes participated, including Emperors and ordinary citizens, all trying their luck to win the games. Casino history probably actually started here! However, women were not allowed to participate in these activities unless during the Bona Dea festival, when a special event was planned to allow women to participate.

Some of the popular games, long before the table games and online slots of today, were played with dice. Romans played two main kinds of game, those with dice only and those that included dice and a board, with pieces moved after the throws of dice. The boards had 36 squares with differing symbols on them, such as crosses, letters, leaves, and squares and the luckiest dice throw was three sixes. These games were very simple, compared to all the games available today, yet they had a huge and addicted following. gambling in ancient Rome

The Most Popular Games In Ancient Rome

Among the most popular games in Ancient times was an earlier version of Backgammon. It was then called the Game of Twelve Signs, played using three cubic dice, with each player having 15 pieces. Another famous game during these times was the game of Brigands, which was a game of pure strategy. played with pieces of glass in varying colors. The winner, in this case, was the player who captured the highest number of pieces.

The Roman people also used Knucklebones in many types of games, with one of these skillful games involving 5 bones. The game involved throwing bones up into the air and catching them on their way down by hand. The other type of game was a game of chance. The players used 4 games, each having a value ranging from 1 to 6 even though only numbers 1, 3, 4, and 6 had a mark. The highest throw and the lowest throw were called the Venus and the Dog respectively.

Laws Or Not, People Loved To Gamble

With or without the laws that prohibited gaming, except on special occasions such as Saturlina, it was impossible to ban gaming completely. The passion for gaming was and has always been, strong for those truly invested in the activity. At the time, the passion inspired many satirical writers to criticize Emperors for the weaknesses they had for betting and games of chance. Romans continued to enjoy testing their luck and developing new casino games, bringing us Chess, Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe.

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