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Welcome yet again, Casinopedia readers! It has been a while since we last wrote to you guys as we have been engaged in deep meditation, trying to come up with new things to tell you and to entertain you with. Luckily, we are now back better than ever —well, that might be a stretch since we were rather awesome before as well!

This time, we are going to impart you with some super advanced casino wisdom. Namely, we are going to tell you what games you should really be playing in order to raise your odds of winning as high as you possibly can!

Forbidden Games

First things first, not a lot of you might know that there are some hidden and forbidden games that the casinos really do not want you to play. This might sound like we are a bit delusional here, but do yourself a favour and just hear us out!

Just about every new online casino out there will only let you play certain games with your bonus money. This is due to the fact that some games are simply too good for them to allow you to play them. These amazing games will have RTP’s (return to player) like only few others do. To take your odds of winning to the sky, you should definitely play these games!

How to Play Forbidden Games

Right, right… We got a bit ahead of ourselves there” Of course you cannot play these games at the casino where they are forbidden! Instead, you should try finding another casino that does not have the same exclusions. And, even if you cannot find a casino that will allow you to play these games with your bonus money, you could just decide to play without a casino bonus as well. This way you do not even have to keep wagering your money over and over again but could very well end up winning in just a matter of minutes!

There is definitely a reason why some games end up on the banned list. You should never ever doubt this if you want to win big!

Some Examples

We at Slotsia are generous folk. Because of this, we are not going to just send you on your way to look for these hidden gems all by yourself. Instead, we have a couple of examples of games that you should try if you are allowed to.

Devil’s Delight

A fantastic game from NetEnt. This game has a staggering RTP of 97.6%! No wonder you cannot play this game just about anywhere with your bonus!

Dead or Alive

We have seen video games, movies and bands with the same name, but this western slot has an RTP of 96.8%, which is definitely more than enough to land the game on most casino’s banned list.

Blood Suckers

NetEnt’s Blood Suckers is probably the most classic example of a game that you cannot play with your bonus. This game has a ridiculous RTP of 98.0%, which is better than what 99.9% of other games can get you. Make no mistake about it, however: we are talking about the first Blood Suckers. Even though the second one is more entertaining, its RTP is 96.94%, which is still rather remarkable in and of itself.

1429 Uncharted Seas

Ever heard of this popular Thunderkick slot? You will think that we are kidding, but this game seriously has an RTP of 98.6%! If you want to win some money, you had definitely better try this crazy sea-themed slot!

Good Luck

As you can see, the RTP’s can sometimes really be up there with the birds and the clouds. Most average slots will give you an RTP somewhere between 90.0% to 96.00%, but these badboys will make you win a lot more!

Good luck in finding the best places to play!

forbidden games