casino scatters what they give you

Scatters and What They Can Get You Casinopedia

Who doesn’t love scatters? We at Slotsia definitely love them as they are a gateway to bigger and better wins and bonus features. Bonus features are the salt of any online casino session. Our tireless Casinopedia elves have already written some articles on how great bonus features can be, but this time we’ll dig a little deeper. What exactly are scatters and how can you benefit from them?

Scattered Scatters

They say that the most intelligent people can sometimes be rather messy. Thus, we at Slotsia often find our things scattered on the floor. As cool as it would sound, though, this is not necessarily a tribute to online casino scatters.

More often than not, these so-called scatters (or scatter symbols) can be scattered anywhere on the screen. They normally do not have to be on a single active payline, but there might be some exceptions to this rule as well. Then again, it can be hard to make the distinction between what symbols are scatters and what are just bonus symbols. Most of the time this is the exact same thing, but we’ve also seen scatters that only pay out winnings instead of letting you access those sweet and much talked about bonus features.

Bonus Features Await

What the bonus features are, exactly, is a topic for another time. Still, they might consist of free spins, so-called click me bonuses or just about anything under the sun. With a lot of games, the fun really starts and ends with bonus features so you’d better keep your eye on them.

The Problem With Scatters

As hinted above, scatters are not always without problems. The problem with scatters is that if you don’t know the rules and how things work, your expectations might not always be fulfilled.

Say you presume that when you get three scatters on your screen you will get to access the bonus—you might sometimes be mistaken here. We’ve seen games that require 4 or even 5 scatters before you get to feast your eyes on the bonus. Thus, it could be majorly disappointing to see that you in fact get nothing when you already thought that you were one step closer to those big wins. This is one reason more to just try the games for free first before you make your decision to play them. Then again, these games are purely based on luck, so you will get to see the bonus features when you’ve earned them luckwise. It’s not like reading the manual gives you any leverage—it only servers to drop your expectations down a notch if they’re too high.

In the Nuthshell

As we’ve explained here, scatters are symbols that can get you great things—even if they’re not part of a single active payline. This much is a given. What you will get, however, depends greatly on the game at hand. We have a feeling that we’re going to have a new article popping up pretty soon, so e sure to watch this space!

casino scatters what they give you