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Slotsia is now on Youtube! Casinopedia

Hi, guys and gals! Normally we use these Casinopedia articles to teach you about the ins and outs of this fabulous business that is online casino gaming. Now, though, we are going to take a route that’s a somewhat different from what you’ve come to expect! After all, we always like to keep you guessing to make you come back for more! The last thing we want to be is boring and predictable as we certainly know that friends of online gaming are ones to appreciate some mystery and unknown in their life!

This time our knowledgeable Casinopedia coaches have a public service announcement for all of you, our dear readers! This is huge!

Yes, you read it correctly—one of the coolest sites covering online casinos ever created is now using the world’s largest and best video site out there! Finally a reason to take a break from all those funny cat videos and do something else! This is a joyous occasion, a fantastic thing indeed! You are going to absolutely love what you will find!

What you’ll find on the Slotsia YouTube channel

On our YouTube channel, you are going to stumble upon plenty of great and fun online casino reviews by Slotsia. Most review videos there have a lot of gameplay attached to them as well, which means that not only are you going to be educated, you’re going to be mightily entertained too!

Who is creating the Slotsia YouTube videos?

The dude making these videos is called Jouni and he comes from one of the promised lands of online casino gaming—Finland. This land of a thousand lakes and probably ten thousand heavy metal bands has a bustling casino scene, which is why our very own Finnish correspondent was tasked with this job of playing at online casinos and reporting his findings to the world! Like us, the Finns just love playing casino games, and Jouni just so happens to be somewhat of a nut for them too!

Thus far, there have been quite a few videos where Jouni has seen some amazing wins, playing with his many welcome offers. Especially the video review of Vegas Hero is definitely worth watching—the happy Finn called this one “gaming bliss at its finest,” and it’s definitely hard to argue when you see how the games kept treating him there during this 22-minute clip!

Our YouTube channel is really taking the world by storm, so we would advise you to go and find out what’s up for yourself!

You can also see these entertaining videos as a way for us at Slotsia to thank you, our dear and numerous readers, for supporting us throughout these few years! We strive to give you both the best information as well as entertainment to make your casino experience as wholesome and spectacular as it possibly can be! We want to keep providing you with countless new articles, reviews, videos and all kinds of fresh and modern ways to entice you and excite you! Without you, there wouldn’t be us, so from the bottom of our casino-filled hearts, thank you!

slotsia youtube