What Is It All about?

The first important thing to discuss is what double-up actually means. Some modern slots out there give you the chance to take things and your odds into your own hands in order to increase your winnings. More specifically, you will have a chance to double or even quadruple your most recent winnings. Of course, you will risk losing it all in the process.

Most games with the double-up feature in place will let you try your luck by letting you guess which card will show up next from a deck of cards. These games will first show you a card with its face down, after which you must take a guess between either red and black, or, alternatively, hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.

By choosing between red and black, you could actually end up doubling your last win. Here your odds will be 50% for both winning and losing. If you are feeling particularly lucky, however, you could go for a specific suite instead, but then your chance of winning will be reduced to only 1 out of 4. With the odds not in your favour, though, your reward will be magnified as you could actually quadruple your win.

Should I Use the Double-Up Feature?

It is rather interesting that many people see using the double-up feature as a huge risk because you are basically putting your win on the line. These people do not realise that whether you take advantage of this feature or not, you are still having to contend with the house edge in play. Thus, you could try and turn your 8 pounds into 16 and fail, or you could just as well spend your 8 pounds the usual way and still end up folding in the end. It does not really matter which way you go.

Using the double-up feature is much like using a high bet—it could end up being a negative or a positive. You never know beforehand. Still, we at Slotsia do occasionally like doubling-up because it at least gives you a fighting chance to win something big. Even so, you might not want to use double-up with big wins as you could end up beating yourself up for wrong choices. The fact of the matter is, however, that doubling-up is all about luck even though you might sometimes feel like a true clairvoyant when you end up winning with your combination of red, black, spades and clubs. Even when this happens, do remember that it could just as well have been black, red, hearts and diamonds! There is always a risk involved!

Which Games Let You Double-Up?

Sadly, not many games will let you try double-up, and even fewer of them will let you do so while playing with a bonus. Be sure to read through all the terms and conditions of any casino bonus offer in order to find out what the casino’s stance on using double-up will be.

If you really want to find some games with this feature, you might want to take a look at some of the Play’n GO games as such as Book of Dead. Most new casino websites have Play’n GO games available. For example you can play the Slot at Dunder, Highroller Casino or Casino Heroes.

Happy gambling and remember not to make any rash decisions, friends!

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