things we say when playing slots

The things we say when playing slots Casinopedia

Hello again! You have just made your way to another Slotsia Casinopedia article. This time we will be covering some stuff just for fun and for laughs. When playing and when observing others play, we have heard many amusing things being uttered. It is interesting how online gaming is a worldwide phenomenon and really has us saying the same things over and over—independent from what our language might be.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the most common things said when playing. It is actually the casino players who say the darnest things!

Negative or positive?

One funny thing we have noticed about people in general is that a lot of the things that we say is actually negative. It is in our nature to open our mouth when things are not going our way. When everything is great, we tend to just shut up. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule as well.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

When the slots are treating us well, it is not uncommon to hear some of us shout things like “Yeah, all right!” or even just “Yes!” These things are usually heard when some great high-paying symbol or a scatter lands on the fourth or the fifth reel and gives us a big win. It is when it becomes crystal clear that we’ve won big that we will shout out things like these, expressing our gratitude. In reality, this is actually very similar to what happens when we see our favourite football team finally score. It is pure adrenaline pumping through our veins and giving us a sudden burst of euphoria.

It is somewhat funny that we really don’t have a lot of things to say when facing these aforementioned situations of catharsis. It is like our brain just freezes for a moment and we become cavemen for a short moment. What a blissful thing to feel!

Oh, come on!

What about those moments when we feel like Lady Luck has turned her back on us? This leaves us saying a lot of different things—the variety here is actually a lot bigger than with positive stuff. Winning needs no explanations, whereas losing calls for immediate action. We have to tell ourselves and those watching what went wrong and what should have happened instead.

Here’s a few things that a lot of us have said out loud quite a few times while playing.

It was so close!

From what we’ve seen, many of us talk to our friends about how close a certain win was. This is of course one of the things that makes slots machines so addictive—the perceived supposition that winning was, and therefore is, just around the corner. When telling ourselves that big wins were close, we are actually justifying trying some more. You never know when the game might give you a huge win.

Come on…

Raise your hand if you’ve at least once tried to talk the slots machine into giving you more and bigger wins. A lot of us seem to do this all the time, but it rarely helps. Any real communication and reasoning with slots machines is impossible. They truly are cruel beasts.

One more!

Most of us are somewhat insatiable when we win. We are always looking for that one more win, one more spin, one more try at the bonus feature or just one more high-paying symbol at the end of your approaching win. Again, you never know when luck might make its presence felt.


Swearing is certainly not a great habit to have, but let’s face it: expletives go quite well with losing at just about anything. Still, do remember that games are supposed to be fun. If you find yourself cussing a lot, you might just be a little too much into it.

Saying whatever you want when playing comes with the price of admission. Never stop talking, ladies and gentlemen! We sure know that we won’t!

things we say when playing slots