The Ultimate Beauty of Sticky Wilds

  By – Last updated 21 May 2019

Hi again, guys!

It has been rather long since we last posted a Casinopedia article for you to read. Let us just call it somewhat of a Spring break!

It is not always easy to figure out new things to throw at you guys, since the casino players of today are becoming more and more educated as time go by. Some not-so-decent online casinos sometimes try to pull fast ones on slot players all over the world, but it is not too easy with the amount of information making rounds nowadays. We do kind of attribute some of this change to ourselves as well, since we are always here giving you guys advice and letting you know what you should and should not do.

This time, we are going to speak a few words about a thing called “sticky wilds”. There are a couple of pretty great online casino slots with sticky wilds in them, and we will soon explain just what these beautiful things are!

What are sticky wilds?

Well, to answer this question, we would first have to establish that wilds are kind of like jokers in a deck a cards—they substitute for just about any symbol at any given game. Only things like bonus icons and scatters remain irreplaceable!

Sticky wilds, on the other hand, are something that you formerly only used to encounter during free spins but that are now becoming more of a staple in normal game modes as well. These wilds will land on your screen and just literally stick there for a set number of spins before they finally fall out. For instance, there is a slot called Ra’s Legend where you have a chance to get sticky wilds on your screen for even as many as 5 spins at a time!

The best thing about sticky wilds is when they land somewhere where they can truly help you. Generally, you would rather have these badboys on your first or second reel instead of your fourth or fifth reel. This way you will have the best odds of actually getting some wins with your wilds as it does not really help if your winning combinations do not even reach your last two reels!

Free spins with sticky wilds

One of our favourite online casino slots with sticky wilds is called Spinions Beach Party from Quickspin. In this game, you have sticky wilds in the main game as well as the free spins mode. With the main game, all you have to do is get two wilds on your screen to get a re-spin and have your wilds stick. Now, if you were to score a thrid wild on your screen, there would be another re-spin. This will go on and on until no additional wilds stop on your screen. And, what is best here, is that Spinions will actually pay you money between each re-spin!

In the free spins mode of Spinions Beach Party all the wilds that you get on your screen will stick for the remainder of your free spins. What this means is that if you are lucky enough with your first few spins, you will get to enjoy a whole lot of wins by the time the last few spins roll by. We have even seen this slot give us plenty of sticky wilds right at the beginning, making the last few spins instant big wins with fanfare and all! You just know when your screen becomes populated by wilds that you are going to keep winning more and more and more! There really is nothing like it!

Good luck in finding the best sticky wild games

There is an endless amount of great slots out there. Feel free to experiment with some of the newest modern slots and their many great wilds and features. You can find alot of them in our own slot collection, so feel free and good luck on your game session!

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