These casinos removed the wagering requirements

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Every one of us has our hobbies, favourite tv-series and artists that we love to hear more about. Then, when someone lets us know that, say, our very own favourite movie star likes the same kind of music that we do, we get ecstatic and end up loving our idols even more. We guess this is how our articles work as well as we are basically teaching our readers new stuff about one of their dearest hobbies… At least we at Slotsia are pretty damn passionate about our gambling!

This time, we are going to let you in on a secret. Namely, we will be talking about a few casinos that just so happened to remove wagering requirements from their free spins. This seems to be something

What is the purpose of wagering requirements?

Let us be honest here: wagering requirements are normally there to prevent you from winning! Casinos are in the business mainly for themselves and that is the very reason why the odds are always stacked against players. While the saying “the house always wins” might not hold true all the time, in the long run there will be more players who lose than those who win. After all, if it was the other way around, there certainly wouldn’t be dozens of new casinos popping up every month.

Again, even though casinos certainly have the upper hand in the long run, the margins these days are not as bad as they used to be. This is because of the fact that online casinos really have to compete against each others nowadays to stay alive. Thus, the house edge has, in some cases, been greatly reduced.

There are actually some online casino welcome offers that are there to make winning even more difficult than it should be with their ridiculous wagering requirements. On the other hand, there are those few casinos who are giving you bonuses that go a long way in making you winning more probable as well. These are the casinos and bonuses that you should really take advantage of first.

Kaboo, Guts, Thrills…

In the headline here you can find three casinos that have completely done away with their free spins wagering requirements. So, if you really want to make a quick buck or a pound, you should definitely give these casinos a try.

The one thing that we at Slotsia kind of dislike about free spins, however, is that even though there might be no wagering requirements, most free spins are only worth close to 10 to 15 pence. This of course makes winning big with these free spins a tad difficult. So while you would normally perhaps play with a 1 pound bet or something like that, you are being pulled in with promises of just “free spins”—yet not many casinos reveal that these spins are only worth the minimum bet. One hundred free spins with a 1 pound bet would definitely be something else!

Still, a free spin is always a free spin, and it is an additional chance to win some money without staking any of your own. If these spins just happen to be without wagering requirements as well, then all the better! We seem to almost always win at least something with our free spins, and a few pounds is certainly better than nothing, so let’s not get too negative and cynical here!

Now then—have a look at Kaboo, Guts and Thrills and go win yourself some money!

these casinos remover wagering requirements