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Try this one—game of the year 2017

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Hello again, our dear Casinopedia readers! It’s time for us to delight you with another one of our ravishing ramblings. This time we are going to be talking about one of the best games that we at Slotsia have ever come across. This game just so happens to be the EGR Game of the Year 2017.

Wild Toro!

Heck yes! Wild Toro is a game from ELK Studios, and it was chosen as the best game of 2017. This is certainly no small feat as hundreds of new games make their way into the market every year that passes. We are not sure, but we would definitely venture a guess that 2017 saw the most new games in the history of this business. The igaming industry has really been taking off these past few years, and each year we see a lot of growth and get plenty of new and amazing titles to play.

Wild Toro sure is a great game and will probably stay that way—no matter if it’s 2018 or 2022 when you’re reading this. But, what is it that makes this game so good? Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Theme

First things first—what exactly is this so-called Wild Toro? Wild Toro is a bullfighting bull. We at Slotsia really don’t like bullfighting. Whereas some people might call this a sport or even entertainment, we call it animal cruelty. After all, it is all about enraging the bull and then slaughtering it live at the altar of aforementioned entertainment. The bull rarely stand a chance.

On rather rare occasions, there have been times in history that the bull has gotten the matador quite good. In our eyes, Wild Toro is all about this. In this game, the bull always wins, so those that don’t like the idea of this terrible phenomenon will certainly appreciate Wild Toro.

The Features

Wild Toro is an okay game, but we do have to admit that the bonus features are the one thing that really makes this game. If you will never get to experience the bonus, you probably won’t have that good of a time. The things really hit the fan, however, when you manage to get Toro (bull in Spanish) on your screen.

At the first sight of a matador, Toro will go wild. When this happens, Toro will ram through every other symbol standing on its way and go after all the matadors on screen, leaving a wake of wild symbols everywhere that he goes. If you’re really lucky, there will be a lot of matadors out there and Toro will actually end up filling the screen with wilds. This is when things really start to happen—and the money starts pouring in.

Our Finnish correspondent Jouni actually made a Slotsia video on Youtube of him playing Wild Toro. First he got the Matador Respin Challenge with three matadors on screen, basically giving him three good chances to get the bull there as well. You should really take a look at the video below to see what happened after this. Even if you don’t understand a word of Finnish, you will probably still get what’s happening.

Just try Wild Toro! It’s not Game of the Year 2017 for no reason!

wild toro slot game of the year