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What does the word ‘random’ actually mean Casinopedia

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It is again time for one of Slotsia’s fun and entertaining Casinopedia articles. With these articles, we give you joy beyond belief! Or something like that.

This time’s article turned out to be rather cuckoo and almost unintelligible, but we hope that it gives you at least some sort of insight into the world of odds…

What does the word ‘random’ actually mean
Let us proceed to our topic at hand!

When we talk about online casino slots outcomes being random, what do we actually mean by that? Aren’t some people saying that you cannot win from slots? How does the casino keep on winning if the results are in fact random?

When you get really nitty-gritty with details, it turns out that nothing in this world is completely random. Even random-number generators work based on a algorithm, which might be random in a sense, but then again there is basically only one way that things will manifest, even if they could manifest in any number of ways.

Let us provide you with an example of what we just said.

When someone is walking down the road and a piano falls on their head, we could call this person very unlucky. That is because the odds of a piano falling on your head are slim to none. Still, is it really possible for us to make things like these into odds? If someone accidentally pushes a piano out of the window and you happen to be walking past right below, the chances of the piano hitting your head are definitely 100%, not slim to none.

Also, when the youth of today talk about things and someone says something that is considered weird, people might refer to it by uttering “what a random thing to say.” However, things that people say are technically never random, because it is actually the person’s articulation organs that are doing the work and producing the thing that the person lets out of their mouth. There is no way that this process could really be random!

Okay, we might have gotten a little bit sidetracked there, but the odds of you winning from an online slot are basically based on how the online slot in question has been built. In essence, partaking in any kind of gambling is just about the same as rolling many 6-sided dice. Some point totals will give you wins and some point totals won’t. The game providers are the ones who make up the table of winnings and turn them into games that you can play.

In a way, slots are not random, because the game provider always decides how likely you are to win. So no, they are not dictating whether you will win or who will win—they only decide the likelihood of winning.

When we talk about casino slots being random, it almost sounds like you have have a 50% chance to win, which is incorrect. Then again, there kind of is a 50% chance that you will win and a 50% chance that you will lose, right?

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