When is the time to stop gambling?

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Gambling is primarily designed to be a fun activity, and millions of gamblers around the world manage to gamble within self-set limitations. If you can do that effectively, you do not have a gambling problem.

On the other hand, if you are unable to control yourself and supersede your limits, thereby causing yourself financial issues, it might be time to stop, at least for a while. Gambling can provide hours of fun, and you don’t have to spend a small fortune to have fun. Many people enjoy betting in some form or other. From lottery tickets to playing cards with friends to online casinos. It’s like an occasional foray into the stock market.

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Signs that it is time to stop and responsible gambling

The indicators below may provide insight into whether it is time to stop. The first is rather apparent, yet shouldn’t be overlooked. Know when to stop! Experienced poker players know exactly when to hold or fold. When you take pleasure from gambling, you limit your bets and set the pace you want. Compulsive gamblers will always struggle with their time and the money they spend. Gambling becomes compulsive and takes over their life, which becomes a constant wagering nightmare! 

If you are trying to recover losses by betting more, and repeatedly trying to win back the money you have already lost gambling, then there is a problem, and it’s time to stop. You are throwing good money after bad. Another pointer is if your bets start going before your entertainment. Casual gamblers always play for fun, perhaps spending a few dollars here and there to have a good time. If you place bets to relieve anxiety or reasons other than entertainment, whatever issues you may be facing, gambling is not the answer. When you start increasing your bankroll and betting more and more cash, it may have become an addiction as pathological gambling sometimes starts small. 

Online casinos often have internal links to Responsible Gambling pages and voluntary self-exclusion programs. Playing responsibly means staying within your limits and means. Keeping control of your bankroll is crucial, and you know you can get help and advice when you need it most. These links take you to websites offering free advice and pointers towards gambling addiction. With all the information in hand, you can keep track of any signs that you may be having a gambling problem. Further on, we go into some of these signals and what you can do about it. Help is always readily at hand when you need it, which is a comforting thought.

Playing responsibly means staying within your limits and means. Keeping control of your bankroll is crucial, and you know you can get help and advice when you need it most. 

How and where to get help

There are special schemes and programs available to online casino players such as The Spelpaus Program whereby you can voluntarily exclude yourself from online casinos. Such program enables you to block yourself from accessing online casinos and any other legal gambling services in your country. You are also excluded from advertising related to gambling. Our recommended online casinos offer such links to responsible gambling and self-exclusion programs. 

The Spelpaus Program, for instance, is useful across all licensed casinos, as well as slot machine games, and lotteries. You can set a self-exclusion time limit of one month to six months, and individuals who sign up to such programs effectively exclude themselves for up to a year. There are other schemes which are generally country-specific and offer additional self-exclusion options like Bingo halls, land casinos and gambling houses in your region or country. They tend to cover online casinos as well, and such links are often available on casino websites.

When you play at online casinos, you should take advantage of the information on the site relating to responsible gambling, so if you are ever in need, or feel you are overstepping your limits, you can get instant assistance and expert advice. At Slotsia, we support online casinos that offer help and advice to players such as CampeonUK Casino and when you sign up, you can claim a generous welcome bonus!