why you should not play blackjack

Why you should not play blackjack

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Welcome to all of you great Casinopedia readers! This time we opted for a rather provocative title for our article. Some might even call this a clickbait title, but we prefer the word provocative.

We know that blackjack is among the most popular online casino games that there is, next to slots and perhaps roulette. At the same time, we have noticed during our trips to the live casino that not a lot of people can actually play this refined card game. We mean sure, everyone can press hit and stand, but only few actually have a spotless strategy in place to base their choices on.

Blackjack is very popular due to it being a card game that is somewhat simple in nature. People just flock to games like these where they can feel more in control than when playing slots. But are you really as in control as you think they are?

Play With Your Brain, Not Feelings

Perhaps the coolest thing about blackjack is, as alluded to above, that you can actually play it with your feelings. Instead of having to really think about things too much, you can just decide to hit whenever you feel like it and stand whenever you do not. This, however, is the wrong strategy to play if you really want to have a good chance of winning big, which you theoretically could do since this game has one of the highest returns available at any casino game.

When you are playing with your feelings, you are always affected by things that have nothing to do with the actual gameplay—namely how your day has been, how drunk you might be and how the game is treating you at the moment. All of these things might make you make rash decisions or just plain stupid ones. For instance, you might try going for another card when you already have 17 in front of you. You should never do this.

What you should do when playing blackjack is always focus on what your cards are in relation to the dealer’s cards. For every situation, there is actually a preferred course of action and strategy to tip the odds better in your favour. Of course, there will be some times where you do not really have a lot of chances to win, but you should still try to take your best shot. For instance, when you have 16 and the dealer has a 10 showing, the optimal strategy states that you should go for one more card even though it might very well make you go bust. By the same token, you should always stand when you have 13 and the dealer has 4 showing. This is because the dealer will have a high chance to go bust here.

Use a Blackjack Table

By table, we do not mean the thing you are sitting around when playing table games. Instead, we mean a table that has the optimal strategy laid out in front of you. You can find these kind of tables by just using the Google image search. This will greatly help you in your quest of becoming an actual blackjack guru who always makes the right decisions at the right times.

Of course, some people might find it a little bit boring just following the rules and taking away your own freedom of choice, but with all the rules ranging from double down to splitting, you had better use the optimal strategy in order to maximise your odds of winning at the tables. It sure is a lot easier that way and lets you bet with more confidence!

why you should not play blackjack