Casinos for Bank Transfer

Offering bank transfers makes sense for an online casino, as all of us have a bank account. Right? As it turns out, bank transfers aren’t necessarily the most comfortable of online casino payment methods.

You won’t see them being offered at every casino. This is mostly due to the high number of more comfortable alternatives available in this day and age.

Regardless, this is still a popular method for players so join us as we delve into the pros & cons, outline the process, and identify which casinos are best for bank transfers!

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Best Casinos for Bank Transfers

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Bank Transfer Fees

Generally, casinos will not charge you extra fees for using the bank transfer payment method, as this is one of the most straightforward around. However, if you are using a currency other than pound sterling then your bank may well add on a small charge to process the transaction.

Using Bank Transfers as a deposit method

Bank transfer, or “wire transfer” deposits are easy to do as long as you have the necessary data on hand. To make a deposit, your online casino is going to ask for your IBAN and BIC, two numbers which have become standard in all bank transfers.

If you don’t remember them, no problem – you can find both on the back of your banking card. Most casinos won’t charge you extra fees for using bank deposits, as there is no middleman between your money and the casino. It might however still take a moment for your deposit to appear in your casino account.

Most banks offer real time transfers these days. That means that the money leaves your account immediately and should be credited to the receiving party immediately.

Banks do however have several security measures in place, which are verified by real people. As such it may take a moment or even several days for the money to show up in your account. It is one of the most common drawbacks of bank transfers. As services are continually optimised, this has become a rare occurrence, however.

Bank Transfer deposit step by step

To deposit money via bank transfer, you:

  • Navigate to your online casino account
  • Click the deposit button
  • Choose bank transfer/wire transfer
  • Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit
  • Enter your BIC and IBAN
  • Confirm

There can be quite a lot of variation in how this process looks, depending on your bank and casino. Some banks may reroute you to their online banking and additional confirmation screens, for example.

Note that if your casino doesn’t offer bank transfers as a separate option, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use them at all. They are an option as part of instant payment services such as Trustly and Zimpler.

Using Bank Transfers as a withdrawal method

Bank Transfers are a payment method that often appears at online casinos either as a deposit or withdrawal method. You may not be able to do both at your online casino; withdrawals are slightly more common than deposits.

A very good thing about bank transfer withdrawals is the usually high withdrawal limits. Indeed, a casino that has withdrawal limits in place may have equal limits for all payment methods it offers. Some of these are set by the payment service itself, however. Paysafecard, for example, limits the transferable amount of money itself. Banks do no such thing, so you may often be able to transfer your entire win if you withdraw using your bank account.

Some gamblers are uncomfortable with their online casino activity appearing on their banking statements. This can be a valid concern, as you may need banking statements in a number of bureaucratic processes. In other situations, too, you might simply fear prejudice for your hobby.

It might be worth asking your casino’s customer support or checking the about page for the official company name, however – it might not even be recognisable as a casino on your statements.

Bank Transfer withdrawal step by step

To withdraw money using Bank Transfer at a casino offering this option you:

  • Navigate to your casino account
  • Select the withdrawal option
  • Select the amount you would like to withdraw
  • Select Bank Transfer
  • Enter your BIC and IBAN again
  • Confirm

How fast are Bank Transfer withdrawals?

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The speed of bank transfer withdrawals is perhaps the single biggest disadvantage of this method.

Due to the amount of checks and balances in place, withdrawals to your bank account take 2 to 5 days, plus your casino’s own processing time.

You should also keep in mind that your bank might automatically charge you a fee for the transfer if you’re playing in a different currency. This is nothing special, most services have a fee for changing currency to your own national equivalent.

The processing time might be annoying, but it has an advantage that’s hard to beat: banks do this for your safety. Your bank account and your private data are so important that in order to make sure this information is used correctly, a few days of processing time should be understandable. Bank transfers are really one of the safest forms of payment.

Pros and cons of using Bank Transfers

Secure but slow, bank transfers have distinct advantages and disadvantages for online casino players. The processing time can be an automatic deal-breaker for many gamblers, but you won’t need to register for a new service. Using your bank account for online payments is instantly familiar and easy to do.


  • ✔️ Very secure
  • ✔️ No need to open a new account
  • ✔️ High withdrawal limits


  • ❌ Slow processing times
  • ❌ No dedicated options for gamblers such as budget limits
  • ❌ Often not available at online casinos
  • ❌ Your private banking data is directly involved in the process


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Bank Transfer payments for UK gamblers

UK casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are all very likely to accept bank transfers.

These casinos have been classified as secure, and so they likely offer bank transfers as one of the most secure forms of payment to your benefit.

Gamblers from the UK playing at a casino based elsewhere in the world need to make sure that the online casino of their choice accepts GBP as a currency. Otherwise, you will have to pay a banking fee every time you withdraw a different currency to your bank account, and it is likely to be at an uncompetitive exchange rate.

Bank Transfer safety

Bank transfers are likely the safest method of sending and receiving money. Banks take the safety of your money and personal information seriously. This explains the long processing times, and also why some online casinos may not offer bank transfers. The process means that a safe line of communication between the casino and the bank has to be established, meaning a casino that offers bank payments automatically seems more trustworthy overall. If they take the time to dedicate manpower to dealing with the myriad of processes necessary for bank payments, you can assume they really care about their customers.

Bank Transfers vs. Zimpler for online players

Zimpler is an instant payment service that allows you to deposit money from your bank account. It doesn’t save your personal data. For every transaction, you receive a verification code via mobile phone. Then you get to decide via Zimpler if you want to pay that transaction by debit card or wire transfer.

Zimpler is a worthwhile alternative to direct bank transfers, since your banking data doesn’t reach the casino and is not stored by Zimpler, either. Statements on your bank account also don’t mention the casino, only Zimpler. Zimpler takes the same 2 to 5 days of transferring the money to your bank account, as this is due to your bank, not the service itself.

Unfortunately, Zimpler is often not available for withdrawals.

Alternative payment methods to Bank Transfer

A number of payment methods available to online gamblers are both more private and faster than bank transfers. E-wallets such as Skrill and Netteller are much faster, allowing withdrawals within a few hours.

When it comes to deposits, however, many banks forbid players from accepting a welcome bonus when using e-wallets. Trustly is an instant payment service that allows deposits and withdrawals to your bank account without giving bank account data to your casino, but the withdrawal limits are quite low. Paypal is similarly safe to bank transfers and much quicker, but it isn’t accepted at many casinos currently.

If finding an alternative to bank transfers, you have to decide which quality is most important to you.