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What kind of bonuses does WinOmania Casino offer?

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New casinos come and go, but there's one constant in all of this. That is casino bonuses. Every online casino out there must cater to its potential customers in order to make their business grow—there's no ifs or buts about it. Luckily for us, the paying customers, this competitiveness plays right into our hands. In this Casinopedia article, let's take a look at what kind of bonuses one can expect ...
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Casinopedia: What kind of bonuses does Casumo offer?

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When it comes to online casino bonuses, there aren't many online casinos that have a selection quite as good as Casumo does. In this article, we will be telling you about Casumo and how this casino vet has become such a huge deal in the online casino business. They started their casino journey already in 2012, and there certainly are reasons as to how they have been able to sustain ...
Slotsia's Best Mobile Slots

Top Five Slot Games for Mobile – The Ultimate 2019 List

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So what are the five best mobile slots games? Stick around awhile and you’ll soon find out. I'm gonna go on a limb and say that what makes a game "the best" is not something the game can do, but whether you can play it right away. The best game is the one that doesn't require you to switch phones in order to play. Having said that, some games are ...
Can you cheat with online slots?

Can you Cheat with Online Slots?

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Throughout the ages, gambling has been synonymous with cheating and players who have attempted to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals. Cheating is often associated with offline gambling, however, and there are numerous examples of innovative and ultimately successful casino scams. In contrast, online casinos such as those featured on Slotsia UK are far more transparent and robust, with a number of safeguards in place for players. Virtual casinos ...
New casinos offer better bonuses

Do new casino sites offer better bonuses?

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Do new casino sites offer better bonuses? Do bears defecate in the woods? This article bares (no pun intended) it all. Let's go! Casinos, casinos everywhere! Online gambling as an industry is booming. More and more people are: Playing Winning Having lots of fun. And such a huge demand for entertainment dictates that more and more online casinos crop up, much like mushrooms after it rains; the only difference being ...
How safe are new casinos?

How safe are new casino sites?

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How safe are new online casinos and why does it matter to you? Those are the questions this article covers in detail below. If you're worried about your personal info getting stolen, or your money being lost for good - you need to keep reading. First of all- what is a safe online casino? A safe online casino is a casino website that: Offers random and fair games Pays you ...
When is the best time to play slots?

When’s the Best Time to Play Slot Machines?

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Virtual slots continue to dominate the iGaming market, with this genre accounting for 64.5% of the online GGY in the year ending September 2018. This dominance is arguably due to the popularity of slots amongst casual gamers, who can benefit from a host of low-variance titles and clearly defined return-to-player (RTP) rates. Not only do these RTP rates offer a unique insight into how much players can expect to recoup ...
Can you beat the odds at slot machines?

Can you beat the odds in slots?

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Can you beat the odds in slots? In this guide, we help you understand what the odds in online slots are and what they mean for you as a player. Being informed about slots can influence your strategy in a number of ways and find the game that’s best for you. Odds can seem a daunting subject to get into, but a few key points can teach you how to ...
No deposit bonuses at UK casinos

The Slotsia No Deposit Bonus Guide

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No deposit bonuses are among the, if not the most popular online casino bonuses with gamblers. It’s easy to see why: No deposit bonuses allow you to try something a casino has to offer completely for free. All the while you still have the chance to win real money. This makes a no deposit bonus a generous offer, and shows an online casino is confident that after using it, you’ll ...
Quickspin promote features and Achievements

What is Quickspin Promote?

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I'm so glad you asked. Otherwise, me writing this article would've been an exercise in futility. You may have even read our recent mammoth article on Quickpin slots for 2019. But now that you’re here, (let me first wipe the perspiration from my brow - I was genuinely scared you wouldn’t be interested); do know that Quickspin Promote is a suite of promotional tools built with the purpose of: Engaging ...
Quickspin slots 2019 list

Quickspin Slots – The Complete List of 2019

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Though Quickspin is a relatively new player in the video slots industry, they've already made a name for themselves. They did it not by mindlessly pumping out mediocre games, but by focusing entirely on quality and producing the games "they themselves wanted to play". What could be better than that? Nothing! But what comes mighty close is that there are 48 gems/games and free spin offers you can learn about ...