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Still time to sink your teeth into casinos’ Christmas gifts

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They certainly do not call Christmas time jolly for no reason!

We casino players must have been very good this year since there are so many raffles and extra gifts out there just waiting for us to unwrap them! Online casinos have definitely taken this period to the heart as there seems to be a lot of cool extras just lying in wait everywhere that you look.

As per usual, we at Slotsia have done our homework to find you some of the most endearing casino Christmas gifts available this holiday season. Just keep coming back to this site as we strive to unearth even more goodies for you in the future as well!

Winomania Christmas Scratch

Who doesn’t like scratch cards?

Scratch cards bring you a nice respite from all the hectic reel-rolling and let you go for some of the biggest wins in all of the online casino industry. One minute, you could be there just scratching away for good fun and the next you will stumble upon a ginormous win that you will remember for the rest of your days!

Complimentary scratches from December 12th to January 3rd

Winomania’s Christmas Scratch promotion is fairly simple. All you have to do is keep playing at the casino and wager your money. Every time that you hit £100 in money wagered, you are granted a free scratch card. You can see your progression bar when playing on your computer, but the bar will not be displayed when you are using your mobile device. Rest assured, though, you are still accumulating points no matter what device you are using!

Each scratch card will either give you an instant cash prize or reveal one of the 9 collectable icons. Gather 8 collectable icons of any kind and you will win the prize associated with the said icon. Christmas trees, for instance, will net you £30 whereas Christmas baubles will boost your balance by £500!

How do I go about it?

  • Sign up or log into Winomania
  • Start playing and see your progress bar fill up
  • Go to your account and scratch your free card
  • Rinse and repeat

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Yeti Casino Xmas Advent Calendar

The Yeti of course love snow, which means that they must really enjoy Christmas time as well! There are plenty of Slotsia-featured casinos out there with their own advent calendars, but the one at Yeti Casino might just be one of the better ones!

New extras from December 1st to December 25th

Yeti Casino is offering their customers 25 days full of Christmas fun. By just logging in, you can get your hands on everything from extra spins to cash backs, monster spins (!), deposit bonuses, game challenges and more! As if this was not enough, Yeti is also currently hosting plenty of other promotions such as the £15,000 Christmas Blackjack Giveaway and Unlimited Cash Back Saturdays! You had better check out all of these things in order to really maximise what you put in!

How do I go about it?

  • Sign up or log into Yeti Casino
  • Check the homepage carousel for Today’s Reward
  • Enjoy

Make sure to look around for new and exciting campaigns for yourself as well

We really cannot stress this enough! Christmas time really is the best time to be playing at online casinos. There are just so many promotions available out there that it would be close to foolish not to take advantage of them! As casino players, we just love depositing a few pounds here and there, but you just cannot find another time to get as much out of your deposits as you can right now!

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