Gargoyle Infinity Reels Slot

Infinity Reels has been quite a bit of a hit and miss in its implementation. Sure, the mechanic offers much in terms of innovation, but in practice, the feature has not been that smooth. Yggdrasil has teamed up with Boomerang Studios in an attempt to fill in that gap with Gargoyle Infinity Reels.

Boasting an impressive level of potential and a host of mechanics and features, Gargoyle Infinity Reels is incredibly promising. But does it live up to its expectations? Is this the best use of the Infinity Reels mechanic? Read our full review below to find out.

  • Paylines: Infinity Reels
  • RTP: 95.76%
  • Volatility: High
  • Features: Wild Symbols, Win Multipliers, Free Spins, Jackpot Wheel

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Features

With the titular Infinity Reels mechanic serving as the game’s base, Gargoyle manages to incorporate a host of features that build on one another. The Wild symbol is key here, unlocking the remaining bonuses during free spins that can lead to the game’s highest prizes.

Wild Symbol

The game’s main gargoyle steps in as the slot’s Wild Symbol. This oddly heroic beast substitutes himself for any paying symbol that can lead to a winning combination. But that’s not all. The Wild symbol is crucial to maximizing the potential of the free spins bonus, as you will see below.

Scatter Symbols

3 Scatter symbols hold the key to the game’s free spins bonus. Players get 10 bonus rounds and an x1 win for all 3 Scatter symbols involved. If players land 6 Scatters instead, the winning multiplier is bumped up to x4 instead.

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Free Spins and Bonus

Gargoyle screenshot

As with most slots, Free Spins is where all the magic happens here. Upon activation, 3 padlocks are added to the left side of the reels. Each padlock unlocks a new row to be applied to new reels, for a maximum of 6 rows. Padlocks are unlocked by landing a Wild symbol. The idea here is to land 3 Wild symbols (consecutively or in one go) to open up all 6 rows. Once this has been achieved, players must then land another Wild symbol on the new 6-row reel in order to access the Jackpot Wheel.

Holding the game’s most bountiful reward, the Jackpot Wheel spins and lands on a random win multiplier. This can be as disappointing as a mere x3 your current stake, or as game-changing as an x888 win.

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Theme and Symbols

The slot shines in terms of visual presentation. Designs and symbols are fantastic, as are the animations that accompany them. The epic music adds yet another layer to the experience, immersing you in this gothic cartoon world. It’s a gorgeous looking slot that truly manages to find its own style and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Gargoyle Infinity Reels RTP & Volatility

Through a high volatility setting and a relatively low RTP of 95.76%, Gargoyle Infinity Reels is a mixed bag in terms of numbers. Sure, the slot promises maximum wins of 21,300x, but in practice, this is quite hard to achieve.

You would need to ramp up a serious number of reels and possibly even make use of the Jackpot Wheel’s highest win to get anywhere near to what the provider is promising. The inclusion of a progressive multiplier would have made this more achievable, but as things stand, the potential here is nowhere near as high as what you’re hoping for.

How to Play Gargoyle Infinity Reels

With 3 Reels and an initial 3 Rows, Gargoyle Infinity Reels calculates its wins through the titular, mechanic. Gameplay is as straightforward as ever. Pick the desired bet amount, followed up by a click on the spin button to watch the reels turn. Finally, an auto-play function has also been included to make play sessions a more efficient ordeal.

Slotsia’s Review

Though gorgeous in presentation and creative in its use of mechanics and features, Gargoyle Infinity Reel is held back by its underwhelming potential. Once the allure of its visual presentation and crafty features fade away, you’re left with an underwhelming RTP and potential that comes nowhere near the promised 21,300x.

Regardless, as with any Yggdrasil slot, it is well-crafted and if you looking for a high-quality slot then this fits the bill.

Pros and cons

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Free Spins with expandable rows

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888x win possible on the Jackpot Wheel

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Stunning visuals

It’s incredibly difficult to come close to the 21,300x maximum win

Low RTP rate compared to the industry average