Jaguar Temple

Jaguar Temple is a slot game designed by Thunderkick. The title was released into the market in late 2018 and has since gained prominence ranking among favourites in virtual casinos that avail it to their patrons. The design of the game, alongside the theme explored, is among the factors that have contributed to the rising popularity of the same. The various features of Jaguar Temple will be discussed in this review to help gamers understand the title better before they indulge.

This title is played on three rows, five reels, and twenty bet ways. Players have a chance to place multiple stakes to heighten their luck at landing winning combinations and by extension payouts.

Gameplay and Payouts for Jaguar Temple Slot

This title is set against a mountain range backdrop, with the entry window aping a temple. On the sides, gamers are treated to a spectacular sight of flames from Jaguar claws. A mysterious soundtrack is used to enhance the subject and provoke suspense. Jaguar Temple, like many other online slots, allows players to autoplay or manually spin the reels after each round. For the autoplay feature, gamers are permitted to preset the number of spins to be taken before they come to a stop.

To start the game, players need to place their wager. The lowest amount of money that one can put up is twenty pence, while the maximum coin value permitted is one hundred. The total number of stakes available is fourteen, and a gambler can choose from any of them. The game is accommodating to both low spenders and high rollers. The gameplay symbols used to design this game include:

  • Bird
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Fish
  • Playing card symbols, among others.

These symbols are designed with graphics that are captivating and with the latest technology to ensure that players get an enthralling experience when interacting with Jaguar Temple. The payouts for the various icons when players land any five of a kind on the reels are as follows:

  • The diamond is the lowest paying symbol giving players a total of five credits
  • Winning combinations from the spade emblem reward players with a maximum of seven
  • Wins through the heart symbol pay players eight credits
  • The club figurine rewards gamers with ten credits
  • The bird emblems lining up to form a winning combination give players a chance to bag fifteen credits
  • The dog icons reward players with a sum of seventeen point five zero credits
  • The frog symbol pays twenty credits when they form a winning combination
  • The fish icons lined up on a winning pay line give players twenty-five credits
  • The jaguar, which is the highest paying symbol in this title, rewards layers with a sum of fifty credits.

Players get to enjoy various bonuses when playing the Jaguar Temple. Wild and scatter symbols are among the rewarding emblems that gamers will come across in this title. Free spins are also available when players achieve certain winning combinations and trigger them.


Gamers should be aware that they can only cash out in the currency that they placed their wagers in. All the wins achieved are paid out at the end of the game rounds that they choose to play. The wagering terms and conditions should be followed to the later if players wish to receive their payout after playing Jaguar Temple.