Pirate Gold Slot

Yarrr, me mateys! This is Slotsia’s review division ready to sink our teeth into Pragmatic Play’s Pirate Gold slot and preferably some booty! Unfortunately, however, we are not adept at talking like pirates so you will have to do with a more boring, but more readable,  approach.

At the time of writing, Pirate Gold has just hit the shore and is quite a sight indeed. Developed by one of the best game providers out there in Pragmatic Play, Pirate Gold promises to take us all on a ride to the high seas. In this review, we will see whether the creators of this slot should bathe in gold coins or walk the plank right into the shark-infested waters!

Here’s some basic information for all the little statisticians and fact lovers out there (we identify ourselves in this bunch as well):

  • Pay lines: 40
  • RTP: 96.50 %
  • Volatility: Very high
  • Features: Free Spins, Re-Spins Bonus

Pirate Gold Free Spins and Bonus

In this day and age, casino players want to play games that are sprinkled with all kinds of little bonuses, turns and twists. The more the better! With Pirate Gold, you are not going to be disappointed, thanks to many, many things that will keep your experience fresh as the sea water whipping your face during a storm. Both free spins and re-spins are here to keep you on your toes.

Pirate Gold Free Spins

Each and every online casino slot machine needs to have a free spins mode. If they don’t, you might as well play something else. In Pirate Gold, you can trigger your free spins by collecting three scatters on your screen on reels 2, 3 and 4. In doing so, you will be credited with 10 free spins and a kick-ass screen where some ships are engaged in a proper sea war. During these free spins, all of both male and female pirate symbols turn into wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. As a result, it is much easier to win big here than it would be without the extra wilds in place. If you are lucky, you could be hearing a lot of the signature Pragmatic Play big win theme!

Re-Spins Bonus

Free spins are always cool, but in Pirate Gold, you tend to anticipate triggering the re-spins mode even more. This is due to the fact that re-spins are more unpredictable and can even win you one of the game’s three jackpots: Minor, Major, or Grand.

In your base game, you can see loads of money bag symbols with random coin amounts attached to them. Scoring 8 or more of these money bag symbols will trigger the much sought-after Re-Spins Bonus where things tend to get crazy as one Captain Hook and his motley crew.

The re-spins mode starts with the already collected money bags on the screen. Here you have 3 re-spins that you will need to trigger one by one. The goal is to collect at least one new money bag during these re-spins, which will then serve to bring you back to full 3 re-spins. The more money bags (and coin amounts) you collect, the more money you will win when you finally run out of spins. Luckily, though, money bags are not all that there is as you can also get some sweet multipliers to increase your total win, or even score a re-trigger. The re-trigger symbol will pay out your money bag winnings once your spins are over, and start a new round from where you initially started. What an elaborate system!

Pirate Gold Theme and Symbols

Pirate Gold obviously revolves around pirates, gold, and the high seas. You can call us weird, but to us, pirates are nowadays synonymous with a certain Disney franchise, and we can almost see Johnny Depp’s famous and handsome features when playing Pirate Gold. In addition to this, the background in Pirate Gold looks blissfully gorgeous with cool pirate ships, amazing water effects and the sight of a slowly setting sun. When you hit the free spins mode, things escalate even further as a bonafide battle rages on!

There are 13 different symbols in Pirate Gold with money bags and free spins scatters being two of them. The other 11 are the treasure chest shaped wild symbol, a few pirate coins, hook, telescope, treasure map, ship, parrot and two pirates. It is a nice touch that both the male and the female pirate are of the exact the same monetary value.

On the music side of things, Pirate Gold sounds like an actual pirate movie. Just like it should.

Pirate Gold and Volatility

Pirate Gold embraces the idea of being a highly volatile slot. Pragmatic Play has gone on the record to say that Pirate Gold’s volatility is 10 out of 10. Perhaps we were just lucky, but we managed to trigger quite a few re-spins bonuses and free spins during our test run regardless of the volatility.

Pirate Gold – How to Play

Pirate Gold is not a difficult slot to master, per se. The only somewhat difficult aspects might be understanding that you need 8 money bags to trigger the re-spins. After hearing this, however, it should be smooth sailing from that point on.

Bet Levels and Wins

Pirate Gold has 40 pay lines, which means that your minimum bet is 40p per spin. The total bet, on the other hand, is £200 per spin, which takes your highest jackpot all the way up to a staggering £200,000.

As previously mentioned, there are three fixed jackpots in the game. Minor is basically 50 times your bet, Major is 200 times your bet, and Grand is 1,000 times your bet. Getting your hands on these three baddies happens through the re-spins bonus with Minor and Major being some of the normal (although rarer) symbols spinning around the reels. Winning a grand jackpot, however, requires you to fill the whole screen with winning symbols. Grand jackpot will then be added on top of your other wins.

Pirate Gold – Slotsia Verdict

Pirate Gold is a breath of fresh sea air. Pragmatic Play slots have mostly become known for their simplicity, but this game has some sweet music and absolutely beautiful visuals to get rid of this preconceived notion. Pirate Gold is a delight both to your ears and your eyes, which is something that we do not say lightly.

All in all, Pirate Gold is a game that every slot fan out there should experience. We would gladly give Pragmatic Play A for both effort and execution here!