Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Slot

With three reels and three rows, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels doesn’t look like your standard online slot, and that’s also reflected in the gameplay and infinity reels mechanism. With an Asian theme, this is similar to certain other games, but it’s still a visually appealing slot and has cool features. Here we will explain exactly what you can expect when you embark on a journey in the Tiger Kingdom. 

tiger kingdom screenshot

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Features

Arguably the most important factor a player will check before they play a slot is the features that the game has. After all, that’s how you can land the big wins. Pleasingly, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels doesn’t let you down on that front, with many ways to build your prize pot. 

Re-spin feature

Unlike the majority of games, Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels doesn’t have a wild symbol, although there are still ways to benefit from standard spins. Notably, that comes with the re-spin feature, which can be activated after any pay-out on a regular spin.

Once that happens, a new reel will be added and you get an additional spin, which can keep happening. Furthermore, during this period there are multipliers on the reels that can see you land some bigger returns. 

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Bonus

The main bonus in the game requires you to land three or more scatter symbols on the reels. When you do that, three respins are awarded, but that’s not all, as there is a range of different symbols that you can also spin for that bring cool prizes. They include:

  • Golden Coin – Awards multipliers up to 10x your stake
  • Golden/Red Coin – Multipliers ranging from 20x to 100x your stake
  • Yin & Yang – Increase the value of respins by 1
  • Scroll – Gives you an extra row to help create winning combinations

That’s not all though, as during the bonus there are special symbols that can land on the reels too, which help you in the following way:

  • Collector – This adds together all the totals from the coins that are on the reels at the time
  • Payer – Awards a value that can be applied to three symbols on the reels
  • Sniper – Comes with a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier which will work with three-coin symbols

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels Themes and Symbols

As mentioned, Relax Gaming has not delivered a completely unique slot here in terms of the theme, as you can find plenty inspired by animals, including tigers, already. Nevertheless, they still deliver a high-quality game with graphics and gameplay that is based on the tiger, the zodiac animal of 2022.

Of course, the symbols on the reels reflect the theme with different tigers appearing, whilst there is an Asian feel to the overall theme, which is demonstrated by the symbols and patterns you will see. 

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels RTP & Volatility

This slot has an RTP of 96.23% which, in truth, is very similar to most other games available, so it’s not something that will put off players. 

Another common feature it has with alternative slots is that it is highly volatile. Essentially, this means you may have to be patient as you chase the big wins. Whilst this is far from ideal, it is nothing new with slots. 

How to Play Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels

Firstly, Tiger Kingdom has an initial 3×3 lay-out and infinity reels, which sees the grid move one place to the left when you land a winning pay-line. Whilst that’s not new, it does show that this is a slot that isn’t like your average one. However, that shouldn’t put you off, as playing the game is straightforward, with all the functions you need surrounding the reels, including the pay-table, spin button and stake adjustment settings. 

With the stake limits, you can play from as little as 10p a go, whilst the maximum allowed is £50 a spin; this is not the best range that we have seen.

Slotsia’s Review

Overall, this new offering from Relax Gaming is one that will excite players as it has so much to offer. Whilst the theme is used elsewhere, the sharp, detailed graphics ensure a game that is easy on the eye. That, combined with the faultless gameplay and different setup, make for a very good slot. 

Yet, the best thing about Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels is undoubtedly the bonus features that allow you to dream of a big win. And, with over 20,000x your stake available as a top win, there really is some massive returns available. Obviously, you can’t guarantee you will get the major pay-out, but your adventure with Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels is sure to be an entertaining one as you chase the big win. 

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