Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Slot

Relax Gaming is back with another Nordic-themed slot release that’s set to capture the attention of all jackpot hunters with the release of Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop. Set amidst the raging seas, you’ll join forces with the Nordics’ wildest warriors for a chance to earn your share of the largest spoils of war yet, and by that we mean there are 5 progressive jackpots up for grabs!

Like the original release, Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop is a 6×5 Scatter Pays slot that comes with a solid range of special features that are sure to keep you engaged with each spin. You’ll wade through waves of Multiplier Reveal symbols, persistent multipliers, winning cascades, free spins and, of course, jackpots. The journey may be volatile but an abundance of riches await, so continue reading our Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop slot review to discover all of the details!

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Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Features

Those of you who have played Volatile Vikings will instantly recognise the available features. Here, Relax Gaming has opted to stick to the original formula and enhance the experience by introducing a new jackpot bonus feature, rather than completely altering the gameplay. Cascades and Multiplier Reveals are key to larger base game payouts, whilst Scatters unlock free spins with persistent multipliers for a chance of even bigger wins. 

Scatter Pays & Cascades

As a Scatter Pays slot, Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop doesn’t utilise a traditional payline structure. Instead, you simply need to land 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels to form a win.

Upon doing so, the Cascade mechanic triggers to give you the chance of earning multiple payouts per spin. When it activates, all symbols part of a winning combination disappear to leave space for new symbols to drop in and potentially create new wins. This continues until no new winning combinations appear.

Multiplier Reveal

On each spin, 2 Multiplier Reveal symbols will appear, one on reel 3 and one on reel 4. Each of these symbols comes with a counter that decreases by 1 for each winning cascade you trigger during the same spin. Once the counter reaches 0, the symbol’s multiplier activates and it will also destroy all adjacent symbols, up to a maximum of 8, making room for new symbols to drop in.

Once the multiplier is revealed, one of the new cascading symbols will be another Multiplier Reveal symbol. At the end of the spin, the sum of all collected multipliers is applied to your total win.

Dream Drop Jackpot Bonus

What separates this slot from its predecessor is the inclusion of the Dream Drop Jackpot Bonus, which can randomly trigger at the start of any base game spin. Upon activation, the game screen transitions and a special set of reels come into view.

There are 5 jackpots available to be won, outlined by their respective reels – Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major and Mega. During this bonus, only crate symbols and DD symbols can appear; DD symbols remain on the reels, whilst crates are destroyed. Spins will continue until one of the reels is filled with DD symbols, at which point you’ll win the corresponding jackpot.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols, depicted by locked treasure chests, are key to unlocking the free spins on Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop. Land 3 Scatters during a single base game spin, and you’ll receive 6 free spins, with each additional Scatter thereafter awarding +1 free spin.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Free Spins and Bonus

You’ll benefit from a significant feature upgrade during the free spins bonus. Like within the base game, the Multiplier Reveal feature will add up all active multipliers to increase your overall payout potential. However, now, they also become persistent multipliers, which apply at the end of each spin, thus giving you an even greater opportunity to earn huge wins.

Additionally, each Scatter symbol that lands during the bonus will award +1 free spin.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop Theme and Symbols

From an aesthetic standpoint, Relax Gaming has done an excellent job of creating a true sense of Nordic immersion. Set against the backdrop of a tavern scene, the styled wooden frame surrounding the play area nods to a time when the Vikings were a force to reckoned with, which is also reflected through the runic symbols present on the reels. Yet, we do feel as though the serene background audio juxtaposes the idea behind this online slot. If we’re supposed to expect a fierce battleground, upon which we could claim epic wealth, we believe something a bit more powerful would better fit the theme.

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop RTP and Volatility

Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop 2 combines a high level of volatility with a 94.80% RTP, which can result in something of a brutal experience. Of course, large wins are a possibility but you may need to exercise some patience when playing; this isn’t the kind of slot that’s going to consistently award payouts. There is a reason for the low RTP, though. As this is a progressive jackpot slot, a portion of each wager is set aside for jackpot contributions.

How To Play Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop

Despite the lack of a traditional payline structure, you shouldn’t have any problems coming to terms with the gameplay. Thanks to the Scatter Pays mechanic, you simply need to land 8+ matching symbols anywhere on the reels to earn a payout – you’re not going to be left wondering why a specific collection of symbols didn’t award a win.

The straightforward nature of this slot is also reflected in its functionality. All of the necessary buttons are located beneath the reels to provide you with simple access to game information, stake adjustments and the autoplay feature. However, the latter is only available in certain markets. Betting limits range from the £0.20 minimum bet to the £100 maximum bet to ensure all players have access to their preferred stakes.

Slotsia’s Review

Online slot sequels tend to be hit or miss in most regards. Whilst the success of the original may indicate a follow-up is likely to be just as appealing, if not more so, oftentimes the result comes as a slight disappointment. Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop though, feels like less of a sequel and more of an expansion to its predecessor. It offers all of the same features, so, essentially, the only thing that’s new is the inclusion of the Dream Drop Jackpot Bonus.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. With 5 progressive jackpots, players will surely be drawn to Relax Gaming’s latest release. However, outside of the jackpot feature, what remains is effectively a watered-down version of the original. The RTP has naturally taken a hit, but so has the non-jackpot maximum win, which at 10,000x is half of what it was before.

Still, 10,000x is nothing to scoff at, and the gameplay remains just as entertaining. In short, Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop offers plenty of jackpot-hunting fun, but the original offers a superior experience in every other way.

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Scatter Pays & Cascading Wins

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Progressive Jackpot Bonus

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Free Spins with Persistent Multipliers

Highly volatile gameplay

94.80% RTP with a 12% jackpot contribution