Wild Falls Slot

Wild Falls is another remarkable new online slot game from the Swedish game developer Play’n GO, released in 2019. Just about everything about this game is a work of art. Just think about the words ‘wild’ and ‘falls’ for a second and then see how they manifest themselves in this game. To put it this way, in Wild Falls, you see many wilds fall down the wild falls. Got it?

Here are some of the very basic things you should know about Wild Falls:

  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Pay lines: 20
  • RTP: 96.50%
  • Volatility: Very high
  • Features: Re-Spins, Free Spins, River of Gold

Wild Falls Free Spins and Bonus

Wild Falls has extremely high volatility, which means that there are some features here that are not too easy to trigger. In addition to your normal re-spins and free spins, you actually also have a golden version of both.


Above your reels, you see an area of water, ultimately leading down your reels. Floating around the water are half-sunken treasure chests, which sometimes flow down the waterfall. When this happens, one or more of them could stick onto your reels. If you catch all three, you will be headed to free spins. Catch only one or two, however, and you are in for a re-spin—and another chance to catch more of those sweet treasure chests. During your re-spins, as well as your free spins, the treasure chests stuck on your reels serve as wild symbols.

River of Gold Free Spins

Free spins in Wild Falls can get pretty hot and hectic. During this mode, the three treasure chests that you managed to land on your screen will continue their way down the waterfall and out of your screen one row at a time. Instead of having a fixed number of free spins, the mode concludes only after all of the chests have fallen off and no more treasure chests are replacing them. If you are lucky, you could be in this mode for a while, but this is not necessarily how things usually go down. No pun intended.

Gold Rush and Super River of Gold

On rather rare occasions, you could trigger a round where all the treasure chests turn to gold. This, however, is not a guarantee that they will stick to your screen. If they do, you will be getting extra special re-spins with golden treasure chests that act as multiplier wilds. Catch three of these and you will get to experience something called Super River of Gold, which is basically your typical free spins mode but with multiplier wilds. What is more, you can even link your multipliers together for some of the most insane wins that you will ever see!

Wild Falls Theme and Symbols

The Wild Falls theme is all about gold panning. If you are a fan of the Big Time Gaming slot Bonanza, you might love the music and overall relaxed feel of Wild Falls as well.

The symbols here are your basic playing cards and some gold-related stuff including lamps, money bags, shovels, and more.

Wild Falls – How to Play

Being that Wild Falls hosts a brutal variance, you might want to favour the lower bet levels here. Finding gold is never easy, and we think that this game manages to successfully simulate that.

Wild Falls – Slotsia Verdict

It is all about your matter of taste, but we cannot really say that we enjoy Wild Falls that much. Sure, the visuals are nice and the mood is peaceful enough, but the variance in this slot can really get to you. We recommend you don’t get stuck on trying to trigger the River of Gold, although once you do, you are in for a treat!