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HighRoller Casino


Who wouldn’t want to be a high roller? As a matter of fact, the word high roller is from as early as the 19th century, more specifically 1873. This almost 150-year old word is basically stands for a player who plays with a lot of money as opposed to someone who’s just doing it for small, innocent fun.

HighRoller casino itself has not yet been launched, but it will very soon.


HighRoller Casino bonus

HighRoller Bonus

Bonuses are what makes the modern casino customer tick. We gamblers are in love with anything we can get for free, and one could even speculate that money won is better than money earned––or that money won is actually more well-earned than the one you just have to go to work for.

HighRoller’s bonus has not yet been revealed, though we have huge expectations for it. The company behind this freshly baked (still in the oven, actually) casino is called Gaming Innovation Group and they have delighted us with casinos like Kaboo, Thrills, Guts and a few others before. That’s one reason more to be stoked for HighRoller’s upcoming bonus.

Nowadays you can expect pretty much every casino to have a decent enough welcome offer. However, when the casino is called HighRoller, you can expect the bonus to be something even more extravagant. We personally are waiting for something truly grandiose, as big spenders really like to use a lot of money––especially when it’s something that they’ve gotten from a bonus offer.

Still, we do not yet know what the future holds when it comes to HighRoller. If all the other casinos this company has produced are any indication, it will probably be something great.


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HighRoller Casino free spins

HighRoller Free Spins

Some of just could never get enough of free spins. Actually, scratch that––I think that description actually covers all of us. Again, however, we have no idea whether HighRoller will feature free spins on their site. Instead, we think that HighRoller will mostly focus on deposit bonuses––and probably a few of them as well. This is just a hunch, though, don’t take our word for it just yet.

High roller as a casino term is something that we would normally associate with people who love table games like baccarat, blackjack and perhaps even roulette. This is why we don’t think that HighRoller will really cater to free spins’ fans all that much. Either way, it doesn’t really matter as you can use your deposit bonuses to play slots anyway.


HighRoller Casino slots

HighRoller Slots

Let’s face it: slots are super entertaining. At the heart of each and every online casino, there’s plenty of slots. From what we’ve heard, HighRoller is going to feature 400 to 500 different slots at launch. This definitely sounds pretty impressive for a casino that’s just starting out. And even for one that’s been there for a while now.

Heck, we know quite a few casinos that have been in the business for years and don’t have as many games as HighRoller will from the get-go.

In addition to the number of said slots, we know that at least NetEnt, Microgaming and Quickspin will be offering their games to HighRoller––this much has been made public. We would venture a guess, though, that it won’t take a whole lot of time until the casino has plenty more game providers added to their site. After all, GIG has become well-known for benefiting from many great partnerships over the years.


HighRoller Casino mobile

HighRoller Mobile

It’s 2017 and people just love their mobile phones and tablets. No matter if you’re riding the Tube or sitting at the back of a bus, people tend to have their mobiles in their hands. Think of it what you will, but that’s the modern-day world. Thus, it is only natural that even online casinos pay a lot of attention and cold, hard cash to make their casinos work on mobile devices as well.

We at Slotsia are certain that Gaming Innovation Group will continue on its best behaviour and really focus on delivering a great mobile experience with HighRoller. Oftentimes new casinos are the best places to play when you’re playing on the go, any way. This is due to the fact that these days every casino is designed from the ground up to run flawlessly no matter what device you’re using to play.

As HighRoller hasn’t even been released yet, it’s a no-brainer to assume that the mobile functionality for the site will be spotless and most modern that it possibly can be.

HighRoller Summary

As you might have noticed if you actually took the time to read what we’ve been saying about this brand new casino, there’s a lot of questions up in the air about HighRoller. The casino has not yet been released and we don’t have a lot of information about it. Still, we are already excited for HighRoller as it promised to be a great casino with a great company behind it.

The thing that we are most thrilled for is definitely HighRoller’s welcome offer. We’ve already covered what ‘high roller’ means, and people who play with a lot of money tend to favour casinos that actually reward them with huge bonuses. Thus, we have no doubt that HighRoller will carry its name with pride and be something to look forward to. GIG has not failed us before and we don’t think they’re about to start now.