new microgaming casinos 2017

New Microgaming Casinos 2017 New Casino News

Microgaming is a behemoth in the casino world. They develop bingo, casino and poker software for casinos all over the world. One of the things that make them stand out is the fact that they have made their games available on multiple devices. You can access their games online, on computers and mobile phones as well as on wearable devices. Their business model entails hiring out or selling their software to casinos, casinos which then become part of their ecosystem. The games that are available on their platform are trendy and have received favorable reviews on many websites.

The Newest Casinos To Join The Microgaming Family

Hello Casinos, although started in 2014, has recently joined the Microgaming platform. It prides itself on being the friendliest casino on the internet. As with most other casinos that are on this platform, it does offer enticing bonuses for new players who sign up. It is licensed by the UK gambling commission. Launched in 2008, Go Wild Casino is another site that has recently joined this platform where it has been granted access to over 600 games available on browsers that run both Flash and HTML5 media.

The third casino to recently join Microgaming is the Royal Vegas casino, a member of the Fortune Lounge Group. It was established in 2000 and has an excellent reputation going for it. Another addition to the platform that is also a member of the Fortune Lounge group is the Platinum play Online casino that was launched in 2004. The Crazy Vegas casino is another addition to the platform. Although established in 2001, it has only recently embraced the Microgaming ecosystem.

A Slowdown Of New Casino Additions

Although Microgaming adds new casinos to its list regularly, this has slowed in recent years. They say that the reason for this is that they have tightened their regulations to ensure only new casinos 2017 that make the cut get included. This is good news for players because they can have peace of mind in the knowledge that the casinos they play at have been vetted and conform to the highest standards possible.

Keep in mind that this is not to say casinos that do not use Microgaming Software are not worth a look; the fact is actually far from it. Of course, Microgaming is always vetting and looking for new casinos to partner with. Due to the requirement that all casinos offer bonuses to new players, new casinos must prove that they have the financial muscle to do this for all players who decide to join their platform.

Obvious Advantages To Joining Microgaming

There are obvious advantages to using Microgaming software including access to a wide range of games. Although most casinos would like to join the platform, Microgaming is taking things slow for the sake of their players. They want players to have the best experience possible and all casinos that join the platform be able to offer those experiences consistently. It is for this reason that not a lot of casinos have been added to the platform in 2017.

new microgaming casinos 2017