Blackjack is a well-loved and popular casino table game all over the world. There are several variations available online, enjoyed by both the novice looking for an easy game and the serious player looking to influence the odds by using strategies. The game originates in France and dates back to the 17th century, where it was originally called Vingt-et-Un. Today, the modern game has players aiming for a hand of 21, or close to it, whilst beating the dealer at the same time. Blackjack™ is a thrilling 6 deck and 3-hand version from NetEnt. Their ultimate interface provides a rich gaming experience that players will absolutely love.

  • Blackjack™ from NetEnt
  • 3 boxes and 6 decks of cards
  • Theoretical RTP of 99.6%
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  • No wagering requirements ever!
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How To Master Blackjack

BlackJack is basically about the challenge between player and Dealer to see who can get the nearest hand to a total of 21. There are many strategies that can be applied, but it is a very simple game to learn. The screen reflects the gaming table, with the Dealer’s hand in the centre and a number of control buttons along the bottom of the table. A wrench icon allows players to customise their gameplay, sounds and speed. Most variations of Blackjack are played with five players, but this version has three betting positions. The chips are displayed at the bottom of the screen, with a number value on them, ready for players to choose their wager. Bets are made by selecting a chip and clicking in the betting area. Play in this game takes place against a computerised dealer, so when players are ready, they just click the ‘Deal’ button and the cards will then be dealt.

Blackjack Rules And Gameplay

This version of Blackjack uses 3 boxes and 6 decks of playing cards. Number cards have a face value and Jack, Queen and King count as 10, while the Ace can be either 1 or 11. Two cards are given to each participant, with both the player’s cards dealt face up, but only one of the Dealers cards on display. Players can then decide to Hit, Split, Double or Stand. Any option other than Stand will result in an extra card being dealt. When betting is finished, if the player’s hand is closer to 21 than the Dealers, then they win. Dealers must draw cards up to 16 and Stand on 17 or higher. A value 10 card and an Ace is Blackjack itself, beats any other hand with a value of 21, and pays out at 3:2. Game rules are clearly laid out for players and beginners can try the game for free until they feel confident. For the avid experts, this NetEnt game is a must as it has a theoretical RTP of 99.6% with optimal bets and strategy.