Cash Truck Slot

Quickspin has given players a fun-filled slot here, and with five reels, 4-7 rows and from 1,024 paylines, it’s not set up like most standard games. Additionally, there are plenty of great features that are available, including free spins, as you chase the big wins, which are possible. Here we will detail exactly what you can expect from Cash Truck. 

Cash Truck Features

One of the first factors a player will look at when it comes to deciding which online slot to play is the range of in-game bonuses on offer. Obviously, that’s how you can build your prize pot, and there is plenty of depth to the features here. 

One of the easiest ways to get a decent return on any given spin is the inclusion of a wild symbol, which can help to create winning combinations.

Tumbling Reels

Securing a win can be the start of any player building momentum as Cash Truck adopts the tumbling reels feature. Basically, this means that when you do win, all the symbols that made up the win will be replaced by new ones, creating the possibility of another win without you having to do a thing. 

Expanding Play Area feature

After every Tumble feature has been played, it will activate the Expanding Play Area which can bring further benefits to the player. This will lock spaces on the reels and increase the number of paylines that are available. 

Second Chance feature

To land the main feature on the game, you need to have three scatter symbols on the reels. 

Usually, if two appeared, it would be hugely frustrating, but that’s not the case here as that will trigger the Second Chance feature. 

When this happens, the two scatters will remain on the reels, but every other symbol will be replaced, meaning there’s the chance of the third landing, bringing the bonus. 

Cash Truck Free Spins and Bonus

As mentioned, the main bonus comes by landing three scatters on the reels, so that’s all you need to do to get started. That will bring three spins initially, with three cash symbols on the reels as well. 

Then, when those are finished, the cash multipliers will be added up and multiplied by the stake value to give you a win, so there is the prospect of a very decent return. 

If that wasn’t enough, special symbols can appear on the reels to give you even better returns. They are the following: 

  • Expander – Unlocks three random positions from the covered part of the grid
  • Booster – Adds a value to other symbols in the unlocked area
  • Super Booster – Adds the same value as above, and on every following spin
  • Grabber – Combines the value of all other symbols in the unlocked area with its own
  • Super Grabber – Similar to above, and it works on following spins
  • Doubler – This doubles the value when the spin counter is reset to three

Cash Truck Themes and Symbols

This has an apocalypse theme, with you roaming around the desert highway as you try to escape the enemies who are trying to get to the truck and the cash that is on board. Whilst there are similar themes around, it’s still pretty eye-catching.

In terms of the symbols, there are different warriors, one of which is the highest paying symbol in the game, a baseball bat, jerrycan and a spinning blade, among others.

Cash Truck RTP & Volatility

The RTP is an important factor that players check before they play, and at 96%, Cash Truck is average.

However, one potential negative is that it does have high volatility, which means that you may have to be patient before you land a big win, although the high returns are possible if your luck is in.

How to Play Cash Truck

The different setup and 1,024 paylines may cause concern for inexperienced players, but it is an easy game to get to grips with.

Another positive of this slot is the excellent flexibility with the stake limits. Those on a budget can spin from 20p a go, whereas the high rollers can spend up to £100 a time. So, it really is a game that is accessible to all budgets.

Slotsia’s Review

Overall, Cash Truck is a modern release from Quickspin that has a lot going for it. Firstly, the theme is different to most out there, which will appeal, even if the graphics aren’t spectacular. 

More importantly though, Cash Truck is a game that delivers emphatically in terms of the bonuses that they provide. There are a host of cool features, such as the Tumbling Reels and Second Chance that will make each spin interesting. Then, you have the main bonus that comes with free spins and huge multipliers that could help you land the top 25,000x prize in the game. So, this is one battle that you will relish as you try to make Cash Truck a profitable one. 

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Enjoyable gameplay features

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High maximum win

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Decent stake limits

Graphics feel simple